Hustler Fast Track or Scag Freedom?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by sbrogan78, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. IS500Z

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    When I was waiting delivery of my Tiger Cat I had a Freedom Z on loan for a week or so. My lawn is fertilized, irrigated and grows like crazy in the summer. The 19-hp Kawi motor did not have any problems cutting through my lawn growth. I was discharging and not mulching. If you mulch it could be a problem in tall wet grass.
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    I think the freedom Z only goes 8mph
  3. Capemay Eagle

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    I have a 19hp Kawi on my 42" Super duty and it is incredible. The machine is fast and has never bogged down once. However, this is a 42" with two blades. Both great machines, I was between a Freedom and Hustler years back and went with Hustler and I am glad I did.
  4. hustlermidwest

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    Just to put a little bias suggestion in this talk. I've worked for corporate lawn mower manufacturers and privately owned manufacturers. There is a big difference between the two when it comes to after the sale support. You will see at times Mr. Mullet engaging discussions on this sight. I don't recall any other President of a mower manufacturer doing that. The Corporate company answers to stock holders when the private company answers to you. When making a purchase as large as the one you are about to you need to look down the road at the after the sale support. I don't mean just the dealer, but the maker of the equipment. Hustler has your back.

    Brian O
  5. straightforward

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    The Scag Freedom is alot better choice than the Hustler Fastrak for the simple reason of discharge.The question of best support Scag again hands down. SORRY Mr Midwest
  6. IS500Z

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    Not sure if this was a general statement, but Scag is owned by a private company as well.
  7. hustlermidwest

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    I stand corrected,
    I meant privately owned vs Corp.
    Correct, Scag is owed by Metalcraft I believe.
    Brian O
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    I have both here side by side. Both trades, I agree with the guy earlier the Fastrak looks a little beefier. I like the Scag with the motor turned the right way instead of to the side, and I like the bars on the rearend of the scag protecting the motor. Here is my negative on the scag. I don't know if its a weird coincedence or what, but the one Bad Boy I sold with a 19hp Kawasaki for a homeowner in 2008 crapped out last week (just installed a new one on it for $1550), and on a Scag 48" 19hp I got on trade couple weeks ago is smoking like i am spraying mosquitos. I just got rebuild parts to rebuild both the old BB motor and the scag. This is the only 2 kawasaki 19hp I have ever touched, sold ,or seen in 5 years I have been a mower dealer, and they both require rebuild same week. Both motors were built in 2008 and both were homeowner owned very well taken care of. I personally would lean someone on a machine with the 23 or 25hp more streamline kawa here with much less issues. Percentage wise the 19hp has a 100% failure rate here within 300 hours on one, and 1200 hours on the The Scag does a have bigger discharge chute opening, but they cut so identacle its scary.... no wet lush grass to compare though.
  9. sbrogan78

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    Thanks! This was really helpful! I'm leaning more towards the fast trak with the 24hp Kawasaki.
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  10. Brules

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    I like the Scag stuff, and really want one - but I think at the Freedom Z price point, there are many more choices that are just as good if not better, OR if you pay a tad more you can get a whole lot more mower......

    Look at the Fastrak Super Duty - it is right there with the Freedom Z price and I think you get more for your $ with it. $1000 more and you can get a Bad Boy Outlaw with 5400 Hydros.....

    And to add to it, Gravely is coming out with a new Pro Turn to compete at the $5-6k range.....I am really looking forward to seeing how it is equipped.
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