Hustler FasTrak 20/52 vs Dixon Kodiak 19/50

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ProStormz, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. ProStormz

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    I need help in deciding and would like any opinions that others may have.

    I have 2.5 acres to mow, all relatively flat and smooth.

    I have it narrowed down to:

    Hustler FasTrak 20/52
    20hp Honda
    HydroGear IZT


    Dixon Kodiak 19/50
    19hp Kaw
    Parker pumps and motors

    Neither dealer is close to home, nor exceptional above the other.

    Initial budget was $4000, but i cant find anything decent enough in that area.

    Thanks in advance for any input,
  2. flake1333

    flake1333 LawnSite Member
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    Prostormz trust me look at the Hustler Mini Z. Great spring pricing. I have been doing research all last year until two weeks ago when I bought the MINI Z Hustler. The fastrack is a good mower but just to cut grass. It has small wheels and is bumper like the Dixon. It has a single hydro pump that runs both wheels and deck. The Mini Z is a "commerical model" it is designed to work 8-9 hours a day every day. It has two hydro pumps, which is the best for long term, it has the large tires like the big Z and can push snow after mounting a snow blade on the front without taking deck off. The MSRP is 7400.00 but the sale is 5995.00, I bought mine from a local dealer in Indiana and he sold the mower unit to me for $5700 new out of crate. The Mini Z isn't even in the same class as the fastrack or Dixon. Put it on your zero interest for 18 months or so credit card and buy the last mower you will ever need. I love mine and at least 4 of my close friends have them, they love them and I thought it was the best mower I had evere seen, so I bought mine. IF YOU DON"T BELIEVE ME LOOK AT THE HUSTLER FORUM ON THIS SITE. EVERYONE SAYS THE MINI Z FOR WHAT GUYS LIKE YOU AND I DO. I added the suspension seat( not the spring seat )and flex forks as well as the hitch on mine and paid $6248.00 I am not a dealer but after a year of research I feel like one. Ha Ha
  3. nmurph

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    what flakey says is true. i would add however, that for 2.5ac of flat terrain the fasttrak is perfectly adequate. if you plan to plow the Mini Z is a heavier duty machine. go to the Hustler forum and read and ask questions. PJ is the man. you will get an idea of the type of cutomer service that Hustler offers. supporters of other brands will tell you that their machines are as well made or leave a better cut. i know that there are other brands that ARE very good. but if you want an idea of how Hustler stands behind what they sell, read what Hustler users have to say and what Hustler does to satisfy the customer.

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