Hustler Fastrak or Exmark Lazer Ct


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Trenton ,Ohio
I'm looking at moving up to a ztr. I'm a part time guy with 14 yards currently. I cut a total of 5 acres. So my question is, which would be the best ztr for the money between the Fastrak and the Lazer Ct? I know the Fastrak is clasified as a homeowner ,but the thing is built like a tank. I also have a 36" w/b Exmark so I am familiar with the Exmark quality. I can buy a Fastrak 20 hp Honda 52" deck for $4500 ,don't know yet what the Lazer Ct will run. Which one will serve me better?


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I am about the same size of you. I looked at both those mowers also and after asking a few questions here, I decided to move up to a Mini-Z. Both those mowers are classified as "homeowner" models. I'm not sure how the hydros are on the Exmark, but the Hustler has what I think is called IZT (?) which isn't concidered good for commercial use.

I would ask in the Exmark forum some opinions on the CT and see what they say. Also, don't forget about dealer support in your area. Exmark parts are a lot asier to get nationwide than Hustlers I have found.

Moving up to a full commercial unit should only cost you abut another $1,000, but will pay for itself in the long run with durability and resale value.

Just my 2 cents...

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