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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ccorts, May 22, 2002.

  1. ccorts

    ccorts LawnSite Member
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    After considerable research and reading of various posts, I "think" I have decided to purchase the hustler fastrak 52" 20hp. I have read several positive posts regarding this machine but would like to hear any downside on this, ie problems, concerns, etc. If anyone has any comments regarding this unit good (good or bad) I'd be interested in hearing them. I cut 3-5 acres per week.
  2. che

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    CCORTS , as you probably read my post I own the 44" 20hp honda 44" is plenty for me I do front and back in 45 minutes including trimming of course I only have little more than 1/2 acre ,anyway, all i can tell you about my fastrak is that I'm very satisfied so far I probably did about 12 hours on it so far so great the only thing I didn't like was the blades that came with it so I replaced them with gator blades and it makes a big difference the clippings somehow dissapear the blades I got from my hustler dealer other than that is one sweet machine if you have a dealer by you I would suggest you demo one I demo a dixon and a Husqavarna I liked the fastrak better..something about a honda engines ..I work in construccion and I run 4 Honda generators 2 of them are 15 years old all I did is change the oil and sparkplug on them, they run like a clock .
    Sorry for this long post I hope it will help to make your decision and let us know what you decide.
  3. rusttyamut

    rusttyamut LawnSite Member
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    The gravely 1842 has the same hydro-gear IZT at $3600.00
    The fasttrk I have looked at weighs 75 pounds more. Better steel no doubt. I do not know your finacial condition but its clear to me the better value.

  4. khouse

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    they may have the same hydro's but I believe there is no comparison. the hustler is the better machine. the honda engine really purrs. the frame on the gravely is thin and twisty. as stated above - buy as much mower as you can afford. if that can be a hustler great if not that's fine also.
  5. bestbuyman

    bestbuyman LawnSite Member
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    I have the 20/52 with about 15 Hrs on it now,all I can say is BUY IT before there gone this thing cuts my mow time in half and alot more when the wife cuts. Very nice machine.:blush:
  6. wodinsc

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    ccorts, I have to cut about 4 acres/week and looked at the fastrack a few months ago after deciding to go with a ztr. It is definitely the best machine in the "homeowner" category but a lot of my yard is a bit rough and I felt that the small wheels made for a rougher ride. I was also concerned about the reliability of IZT's compared to separate pumps and hydr. motors. I couldn't find much information about them. Ended up buying a Bob-cat 218ES for $5000. Full commercial duty machine but lower priced due to the 18hp Briggs Intek. It has plenty of power and I expect it to last many years at 2 hours or so per week.

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