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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by timmac, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. timmac

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    im having a hard time finding my blade. it is part number 795252. 20.95 in long and 5/8 center hole. 60 in deck non xr7 with the updated spacer kit for the flat blade. thanks
  2. PEVO

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    Have you tried think thats the web sight?) Even even you don't get blades from them...they have a wealth of cross reference info on blades posted there. I bought 2 sets of Scag 61in deck blades for my 04 super-z 60" One set of 3in notched Hi-lifts & a set of gators. I had to shop by how long of blade i needed(scags are just a fraction longer than flat fusions for the older type hustler deck), & center hole size is the same. Others on this forum use scag blades on their non-XR-7 i figured i'd try em' too. I still have yet to install the 3 in high-lifts because i'm still cutting low to get the lawn & outparcels(acres) ready for spring growth. That way i can tear up my wore out fusions & save my better blades for when i start raising the cutting height. Also i will not go to gators till the summer when the real wet spring grass/weeds has dried out. Thats when the wirey grass with the annoying tough stems appear, hopefully these gators will chop these stems up instead of discharging whole stems with the fusions.

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