Hustler going above and beyond the call of duty!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KirbysLawn, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. KirbysLawn

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    This letter is to inform everyone here about my recent (and past) experience with the Hustler Mower Company. These men and women are setting the standard high for other mower companies and even companies such as myself to reach.

    First I would like to say what a great group of people! From Paul who I met at the races here in Charlotte in 2002, the people who I have spoke with on the phone, and even some guy named PJ Dufault. They all have been great, answered all my questions when I was looking at the Super Z, and have answered my questions after the sale.

    Now, all that brings me to the point I was planning to make. Back in November 14th I had a problem with my Super Z, while driving the left wheel would lock-up and if I didn’t stop I would just go in circles. If I went back and forth it would seem to loosen up and I could mow again. When I got home that night I posted a thread in the Hustler Forum about the problem and needed help ASAP!! Here is the thread:

    Within 2, yes TWO hours of making my post on a Friday night I had a reply! Heck, I have a local company and don’t get back to people that fast! Well, after talking to PJ he told me to take my mower to Whitley’s in Monroe and have them fix it. My mower warranty had recently expired but he said they would have a look at it. I received the call while on vacation for the shop letting me know what was wrong, a bolt had came of and had screwed up the wheel motor (I think that’s what it was called, I don’t work on them I mow with them), total for the part…$600 + dollars. I started to cry!

    I contacted PJ about it to give him an update on what was wrong and he already knew! He was in Colorado but said he would call Whitley’s and Hustler would fix the part anyway even out of warranty!! After I did a little dance in the driveway I was so relieved, that sure did make my vacation a little better. ;) I picked up the mower and it is mowing a great as always!

    I was hesitant about making a post about an out of warranty repair because I didn’t want Hustler to be put on the spot, while I appreciate the awesome thing they did for me I didn’t want it to back fire on them. Since then I learned and understand Hustler looks at the repair cases such as this on a case-by-case basis, my mower was in great shape with low hours and I think because of what the problem was they covered it.

    Needless to say when they come out with the 36” Walk Behind I will probably be first in line…and yes PJ I would love to demo/report on one if it make it here!

    As you can see below, without stripe kit it gives an awsome cut. I even got a cool bumper.

    Thanks again Hustler!

  2. Tonyr

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    Crikey! Those are top stripes Kirby!
    Wish we had grass like that :(

    I thank you for your report, I showed interest recently with a Super Z, PJ here helped me tons, and our guy in Australia is just great! Everything I've read, Everything I've heard, and the folks I've been in contact with who are in association with Hustler have been the most professional and obliging.

    Companies must get a buzz out of knowing they are held in such respect with their clients, no wander they make such great products and offer unbeatable support!

    Others could learn a thing or two from this company!
    More so about client support I think.

    Good on ya Hustler!

    Thanks Kirby, refreshing post!
  3. work_it

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    Unfortunately I still have a bankruptcy sitting on my credit reports, but was really trying to buy a Hustler Super Mini or a Super Z last season. Like Kirbyslawn experienced, their customer service is the tops. Nobody else in the Louisville area can even come close to what the Hustler dealer here offers. The point that really sold me is that our Hustler dealer puts it in writing that if he can't have your mower up and running within 3 business days he will let you use one of his demos. If there's not a demo available he will pull a new one off the floor and let you use it until yours is fixed. I know that not all dealers are able to do that, but our Exmark dealer is huge and refused to sign an agreement like that when I mentioned it. Just goes to show you who really appreciates your business. I just hope that I can work around this bankruptcy next season so I can pick up a new Super Z this year too.
  4. MR. Nomo

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    I have a simular experience were they replace my deck with no questions asked. I was speachless!
    And of course they backed it up.

    Hustler's the bomb!
  5. DennisF

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    Love my Hustler! It's one awesome Machine.
  6. askarvelis

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    I don't know about Hustler but when I wanted a dealer to buy my Exmark, This dealer said said if he could not return my mower in 24 hours, he would give me a loaner. Considering I only have 1 "large" mower that made my choice for me.
  7. heybruck34

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    I really like Whitley's in Monroe. That's where I bought the Scag WB I rebuilt. They gave me a great deal on it and they are nice folks. Glad to hear you got taken care of and that someone else had the same opinion of them that I do!
  8. mowerconsultant

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    Thank you for the kind words Ray.
    This is just a example of the extra mile that Hustler will go for you when you are looking at, purchasing or after the sale of a fine Hustler product.
    I was with your dealer (Chad and Mike from Whitley's) last night and all day today, we got those guys all educated today at our dealer training seminar today in Greensboro.
    Awesome pics of those stripes and great cut.
    I like that custom bumper;) :D :p

  9. yardman1

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    Yeah I love my super z also.......SWEET MACHINE..
  10. KirbysLawn

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    Yea, I like the bumper. Comes in handy if I park in a crowd. ;)

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