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    Just wanted to share a recent experience with Hustler and GE Money Bank.

    Recently we had some issues arise with our GE Money Bank account. For those of you that don't know GE Money Bank and Hustler have teamed together to offer some attractive financing programs for Hustler equipment. Our issue involved GE Money Bank and the dates by which they were crediting payments on the account and their default interest rates. After getting nowhere with GE Money Bank customer service (Rapid City) I placed a call into the Hustler corporate to explain our situation. This was on a Friday afternoon. My Monday morning I had received a call from Mike with GE Money Bank out of Minnesota. Mike handled the situation quickly and professionally. All issues resolved.

    Thanks to the guys at Hustler Corp! These folks are serious about the success of their customers!
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    Glad to hear you were taken care of.
    Let us know if you ever have a problem with anything.


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