Hustler/Humboldt Whirlwind Bagger for Fastrak

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by VTG, Jul 6, 2007.

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    I have an ongoing fungus issue with my lawn (grey leaf spot). My 52" Fastrak does an awesome job, but I simply have too much organic matter in my turf for this super-high humidity climate (if it don't bite, it stings...if it don't rust, it rots). Must collect clippings. Could also be a blessing for fall season leaf collecting.

    I was looking at some product literature at my dealer for a 3-bag "Whirlwind" rear catcher.

    My dealer was up-front with me, telling me that he has never installed a bagger before and therefore couldn't give me a thumbs-up or down on the concept.

    Need some current feedback on this configuration. Anybody with some more immediate knowledge?

    Is it readily detachable/attachable? (since I also use the mower to pull a little spreader and a 15 gal. trailer sprayer).

    Vinny the Guinea
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    I would simply go with the Hustler rear catcher and not a aftermarket company unit.
    The Hustler uses a traditional blower system and not a "whirlwind" blower.
    Here is the information on the Hustler catcher.
    Kit, BAC-VAC 44" & 52" FasTrak TWO BAG Part # 927665 MSRP $649.00
    Requires 104455 Weight Kit
    Kit, Front Weight FasTrak 44/52 Part # 104455 MSRP $75.00


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