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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dhicks, Jul 5, 2000.

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    Today, I visited my friendly Hustler dealer and had an opportunity to test drive the Hustler Hydro Walkbehind. This dude had the 17 HP Kawasaki and a 48” deck. I really like the ease of operation, and the H-Bar Steering was a breeze to use and learn quickly and did wonders for my right arm, which is weak as compared to my left arm. <p>In reading the old message re Hustler, noting was said about the cut of the Hustler deck. Is anybody using this mower? What the cut like…? And any other particulars that I should consider before plunking down some hard earned $$$. If I purchase, it I will want to add the Proslide from the folks at What do y’all think?<p>Thanks!<br><p>----------<br>--Disneyland on the Potomac - ICQ [icq]31223414[/icq]<br>
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    i dont know about all hustler mower but my local school district uses hustler riders and they just discharge big clumps of grass and give a very rough cut. I see them clumping all the time even on perfectly dry grass.
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    you will find the hustler walk behind quality of cut as good as or better than any of the major manufacturers out there.<br>this deck was designed from the ground up, nothing like the older hustler decks..<br>in fact hustler is doing some design changes on some of there old decks to model after the new walk behind deck.<br>the hustler is in my opinion the heaviest duty walk behind deck on the market.<br>ask your dealer to show you the deck off the machine(it only takes a minute to remove the floating deck), then you can see for yourself.<br>then ask your dealer for demo of the unit on some of your properties, so you can judge for yourself.<br>good luck.
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    I have one and couldn't be happier with it. The cut is excellent (better than my Grasshopper), it handles SO easily, and with the promotion special, it's a great buy. I honestly don't think any other WB compares. Am I gushing or what?
  5. If you are walking behind the machine you are<br>losing money. I have a $600 toro belt drive 44&quot; with a 12.5 hp motor with a stand on two wheel non-piviting sulky that will out produce that setup easily.<p>The best you can average is 3 mph walking.<br>With a sulky you can usually run in high gear<br>at 5-6 mph all DAY.<p>And why in the world would one spend $6k for<br>a walk behind mower?
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    Thanks to all for the information. Lawrence: If my (R) arm wasn't defective, I too could buy a belt drive mower and save some $$$ The asking price for the Hustler Hydro w/ 17 HP Kawasaki is $4,500 including the Socialist Republic of Maryland's Sales Tax.<p>The Toro dealer is bring out a Proline Hydro for me to demo today. If you all may recall, from one of my previous posts, the Toro w/ 20 HP engine and 52&quot; deck was retailing for $5,399 also including sales tax. So it looks like I have a very big business decission to make. Hustler v. Toro.<p>Again, thanks to all for sharing your opinions.<br><p>----------<br>--Disneyland on the Potomac - ICQ [icq]31223414[/icq]<br>
  7. For a few hundred more you could by a little<br>Toro ZTR with a 52&quot; deck.<p>That would be the easiest to operate if you have problems with your arm.<p>Why walk or stand when you can sit?<p>Even my old toro sit down sulky is better<br>than standing and FAR better than walking.<p>Plus it might be able to use the neat little<br>bagging kit that comes with a Lazer HP.
  8. OP

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    Hey Lawrence, I have a brand new Toro Z 25 HP w/ 62&quot; deck. Some of the properties are too small for the Z. But I do get your well taken point. <p>----------<br>--Disneyland on the Potomac - ICQ [icq]31223414[/icq]<br>
  9. Keith

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    Have you checked out the Hustler Shortcut? Looks pretty goofy, but they may have their place.

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