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Hustler in 04 J-thomas catalog!!!!


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I got my 2004 J-thomas catalog today. On page 80-81 they have Hustler parts, finally.

Pj, will you check out www.j-thomas.com and browse the online catalog, page 80-81 and let us know if these parts will work on Hustlet Z also. They are listed as 52", 60" & 72" Super Z.



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Syracuse, NY
The part #'s they are referencing from Hustler are the correct Hustler part #'s, but with out having the blades in front of me I can not tell you if they are a true match to a Hustler blade.
Funny thing...look at the pic of the deck in there catalog and tell me what is wrong with it........ http://www.j-thomas.com/Catalog/080.htm
This is one reason I will always stick with OEM parts.
On a side note, if you have a Hustler Z from the first year of production we used a different blade, and I do not see where they list it, the center hole is a different diameter.