Hustler Mini Z™ and Super Mini Z™

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    Hustler will introduce two new machines this summer: the Hustler Mini Z™ and the Hustler Super Mini Z™. Both are compact, commercial z-riders similar to our Hustler Z™ and Super Z™ but only 2" longer than our FasTrak™ Z. The minis will both feature 44" or 52" side-discharge/mulching decks, patent-pending automatic park brake system, 12.2 gallon fuel capacity, one-piece frame, super strong deck, and plenty of engine options. The Mini Z will offer the choice of Kawasaki 19 or 23 hp or Honda 20 hp engines. The Super Mini Z will offer: Honda 20 or 23 hp or Kawasaki 23 or 25 hp engines. The Super Mini Z will have the famous spoiler and hood scoop and have a top speed of 13 mph. MSRP will range from $7,195 to $8,595. Models will be available starting in July, 2002.
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    Since I don't have a rider, I’m guessing at the use of 13 mph for top speed. I know you can't mow at that speed, so is it to get from one job to another in a condo or group home setting??? Also, since 13 is approximately twice the speed of say 7, which is a practical mowing speed, how do you stop from doubling the sensitivity of the levers, which would make tight turning and zero turns more difficult? Maybe you just double the throw of the levers?????
    Pete O

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