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    Ive been looking at mowers for a few months now. And had at first steered away from ZTR's becuse they jsut couldnt take hills and i was looking at walkbehinds. At my state fair this weekend I stoped by the mowers and saw hustler which was a brand I had never really looked into I looked at there walkbehinds and was actauly alowed to test one out rigth there on site at the state fair! Then when I was about to leave they asked me why I was interested in the walkbehinds and I told them about hills and such. He told me he wanted me to try out some of the mini z's and said that they could handle hills so i did. And wow i was impressed the hill probly wasnt to steep of a grade maybe 10-15 deggres but it felt like i was mowing flat ground! So after looking into them and the state fair deal priceing I decided to demo one out. Hopefully I will be demoing it sometime this week for a couple days! the one thing I am worried about is that everyone is saying northern grass's give the blades cutting problems. I live in minnesota and the grass grows preety thick around here. but im also worried about 19hp for a 52 inch deck. I mean im not sure if it will be able to take tall grass. But at the same time im getting the mower for a very good deal so if it works i would love to own a hustler. Any thing people know about the hustlers this size or problem i might have or this i should get please post! thanks.
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    The northern grass problems you are reading about are with a different deck, and we are taking care of those problems.
    The 19/52 works very good, as long as you are cutting on a normal basis (as with any mower) you will not have any issues.
    Let us know how your demo goes, I think you will be very happy.

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    I work for the compnay who supports the bootheyou visited at the Minn State Fair.

    The 19/52 Mini Z is one of our best sellers. Cut problems with this model in Ia, Wis, the Dakota's, frankly anywhere in the midwest, are virtually unheard of.

    I would only consider larger horesepower if you are going to purchase a BAC VAC and use this often.

    In fact, I just sold the same model to my best friend in NW Iowa, and he has the same type of grass you have.

    Go with the Hustler, and you will not be dissapointed.

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