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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SidelinePropMgr, May 12, 2005.

  1. SidelinePropMgr

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    Demo'd the hustler Mnin Z yesterday. 74" long so it fit on my trailer along with my 36" wright Stander. First plus is that I don't have to buy a new trailer like would have to with any other ZTR.

    Unit had 19HP Kaw. Motor provided ample power, slightly began to bog down on clumped grass but never did. Engine was fine however, the more power the better. Handled excellent, much beter than the Gravely 260 I tried last week. Did not have independent front suspension but, did not feel much different.

    Smaller frame size made it a little more "bouncy" over roughterrain but this was to be expected. Amall size still carried a 52" deck. Never had a problem with clogging even though the discharge chute is about 1" smaller than other mowers.

    All in all a very impressive machine especially sith the price of around $5500. Nest want to demo a 52" Senar before I make my decision.
  2. The Lawn Ranger

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    take thqat mower back and get one with the honda or kohler you will have tons of trouble from the kawi trust me.
  3. Shady Brook

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    I will second what the Lawn Ranger said about the motor. I am sure you will hear conflicting things on this as well. The best perk though is if you go up you can get the 27 Kohlor, I did! I just bought a 27 52 Super Mini. You may consider going for the Super. You will get a suspension seat that helps smooth out any bumps, oil coolers for longer life, and extra speed when you need it. It will cut as fast as you can go if the terrain is flat enough. You get it all for about 500 bucks more. And if you think about it...I have :) You can have all those features and when you trade you will get more for it. It is like fun stuff for free! I would be shocked if you bought a Sentar after riding a mini.
  4. Cutter lawns

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    I have the Super mini z with the 25 hp Kawi and as stated earlier it's a no brainer to get the super as opposed to the mini. The seat is soooo lovely cussshhhhhh. 13 mph instead of 8! Larger more industrial hydro's (resale as well as longevity) so you can ride thing for years to come. I have had no problems with the Kawi since 03 about 500 hours on it. I'm considering cutting the discharge chute and using a different blade combination to help break up clumps in wet grass. But whatever hustler product you end up with I'm sure you will be happy. Just please go demo a super to see the difference

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