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Hustler Mini Z question

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by moremow, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. moremow

    moremow LawnSite Member
    from roanoke
    Messages: 95

    I am going to demo a hustler mower within next 2 to 3 weeks. I noticed that the mini z comes in a 25 hp 52" deck. It appears that the 52" cutting deck sticks out a nice bit on the mini z. Think that would be nice for trimming and things. I have driven JD 757 with 25 hp kaw on it and it did great,,but as far as trimming goes i believe the 60" on the 757 would do better if they make one for that model that is. Without going to a standard hustler 52" with a 25 hp would I not be better off with the mini z with the narrower wheels and then have the 52" to do better trimming with. Would the wider wheel base on the standard hustler be that much better than the mini? If anyone has used the mini z or knows of some other drawback to it and has reasons to get the standard Z with the 52" please let me know your thoughts. thanks
  2. splatz100

    splatz100 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 647

  3. Cutter LLC

    Cutter LLC LawnSite Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 100

    I own a super mini z (nice unit). I turned the trim side tire around basically eliminating the trim side. I did this for two reasons

    1 Stripes much better without that "fuzzy" looking stripe. Makes the tire marks directly next to each other.

    2 Hill stability It holds a little better on hills now

    As far as getting the full size super as opposed to the super mini it all depends. By the way I would not even consider a regular mini or hustler z due to slower ground speeds, no suspension seats, lack of hydro or oil coolers, smaller wheel motors, smaller hydro units, and no suspension seat

    Pros for the super mini are compact size on the mini frame and price

    Cons are a shallower deck, 2mph less ground speed, a little smaller hydros and wheel motors (but a smaller mower), a little bouncier, and hill stability is a little worse due to the length and heavier deck of full size z

    If I had to do it all over again I might go with the full size super z but I am overall pretty darn happy with my super mini

    Cutter LLC
  4. lawncare4u

    lawncare4u LawnSite Senior Member
    from S>C>
    Messages: 399

    Go with the full size Super Z,you will not be sorry!60'' deck and 25 Kawasaki is a good combo!!
  5. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 11,087

    Yes, if Hustler is your flavor..... definately go with the 60" Super Z.

    You'll thank us later after stepping up to the 60" deck.
    I just can't see any reason not to unless you have a lot of restrictive clearances that will not accept a 60" deck. I did, but don't anymore. So what I can honestly tell you that I have found to be true is that I can put the 60" anywhere I can put the 52" and actually have less scalping issues than with the offset 52"...

    Production wise, boy what a difference.
    You wouldn't think so, but it's really surprising what a difference it makes.

    So for me, the 52" worked well for me when I was forced to be limited to it. But frankly I found it to offer no remarkable production increase over a 48" deck, but at the same time, I found there were a lot more places I couldn't squeeze between like I could with the 48" deck.

    So for me, I like the 48" for tight areas like islands, ditch lines, and under swing sets, ect... but otherwise I prefer the 60" hands down.

    Oh, and the price difference is really a non-issue after 1 week in the field.
  6. moremow

    moremow LawnSite Member
    from roanoke
    Messages: 95

    update,,,i demoed a hustler Z,,,52 " deck,,,23 hp,,,not at all please with it,,,left streaks,,lack of power,,stalled in taller grass,,controls were not precise,,,and somehow when i hit a bump in some tall grasss,,my height adjustment went from 3 inches to 5 inches,,lol,,,,,,,in all honesty the JD 757 i demoed a week earlier mowed circles around the hustler,,,of course it was a 25 hp but its controls were precise,,smooth,,very strong,,mowed through very tall grass,,no streaking,,maybe a super Z would be more comparable to the 757,,,,,,,,,,either way,,i did not like the hustler z,,,that was the only one he had i could demo,,it did hold hills very well,,so did the Jd 757,,,thus far the 757 is the lead dog in the pack,,going to look at a scag and an exmark to demo
  7. DLS1

    DLS1 LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,619

    You have got to be kidding me. Sounds like a bogus post to me to put down Hustler. I have never heard so many bad things for a mower.

    You forgot to add the paint completely peeled off, the tires got flats, the deck came loose, the engine blew a gasket,a rock flew out the deck and hit the chief of polices car that was driving by, you kicked the dog when you got off the mower and only thing left to do is cry in your beer.

    Wow I think it has the makings of a hit country and western song. :D
  8. moremow

    moremow LawnSite Member
    from roanoke
    Messages: 95

    call it like i see them,,,,,,,,,,,,i dont own either machine yet,,,thats why i demo and call it like i see them. I hear a lot of talk on this site on which mowers everyone uses,,,,so I simply took the advice that you pro's talk about. demo,demo,demo,,,The Hustler dealer knew i had tried out the 757,,,he told me to take the hustler out,,the 23 hp one,,,,they are located on aerial way drive here in roanoke,,a really nice guy but if he had something more comparable to the 757 he should have told me about it,,lol, The hustler did leave streaks in the grass,,it had trouble expelling the grass from the side,,,when you went to make your turns the control arms were unresponsive,,you had to pull way back on them to get them to respond,,,,,It doesnt matter to me what color the paint is or what name is on the side of the machine,,,if it performs like crap,,going to call it like i see em,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol,,,,,will do the same for the exmark when i try it out,,,if you guys in here are exmark lovers,,,prepare to get your toes stepped on too ,if the demo is great,,i will say that it was and point out the good and the bad of it. The Hustler did hold a hill quite well but in the other areas it was lacking,,,,the dealer should have set it up better perhaps but I am not here to say what the dealer should have done but to call it like i see it. As far as know it alls disputing whether the post is bogus,,,,perhaps the rear end that responded to my post is someone who works at the Hustler dealership instead of someone who shares their experiences,,,,,if you doubt whether it is really true boys and girls,,,go down to the hustler dealership on aerial way drive in Roanoke Virginia,,,,there is only one hustler Z,23 hp sitting there ,,,and trade yours in on it,,,,,without a demo,,,and put your money where your mouth is,,,after all,,,if you think this post is bogus,,,then you will end up with a fantastic mower,,,if it is not bogus,,,,then guess what,,,,,you got a 23 hp,,,Z rider,,that streaks,,,,sluggish controls,,and doesnt expell the grass,,,i bet that mower is still there ,,,and you keep the one your own now,,lol

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