Hustler mini z stall problem


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I've recently bought a 2004 Hustler mini z it has a 52 inch deck and a 23 horse FH680V Kawi engine. I'm having a problem with it were when I hit bumps that shake the mower pretty good, it's like the engine will stall for a second and then come right back to full power once I get into smooth ground, and then if you get into more bumps it will do it again. I'm not quite sure what this could be. I've experienced this another time with a fastrak sd which wasn't mine and it had a 25 horse FH721V Kawi and it would do the exact same thing. Thanks.


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I was thinking it is probably a carb problem but not to sure.

I'm thinking you are right, not a carb problem. If it was me, I would tell myself to jump the seat safety and see if that solves the problem......;)