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I'm not an expert on the Hustler Short-Cut but I have been doing a lot of research on it. Actually I am buying one next week. I am getting the 48" uppercut deck, with the back pac, and the 25 horse kohler. I demoed it last week and was REALLY impressed. After being pulled around by my Scag 36" WB for so long, it was a real treat to ride. As far as the QOC, I thought it was great. I was mowing after a short morning rain and the grass was a little wet. I tried to mulch/discharge out the rear, but I got some clumps but I think that was because of the moisture. As far as how to get the clippings from the bag to the truck, the only efficient method I know of is to get several cheap 6X8 tarps and lay them out, then you back up to them and dump. Then you gather the corners and transfer to truck. Needless to say, I try to mulch as much as possible. As far as the controls, they are AWESOME! Very easy to learn, very easy to turn with the counter rotating drive wheels. I'm going to demo it again tomorrow if I learn anything more I will let you know.


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Firebrand have you read the post about the 25 horse Kohler?
They are having terrible problems, I would see if they have a different engine option. They look like a decent mower, I liked the one I demo but it didn't have the bagger.
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I demoed on in one of my cemteries. I was not impressed with the cut at all. It left grass standing and seemd to lack power. For the money a hydro walk behind would be a better buy.

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I was just looking at the Short Cut. Does the motor give off a lot of heat being that close in front of the operator?


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There are two people that i know of here that are running them there preety fast like ridding a atv. but its still has a mid mount deck and you just about have to dump at a very low level, the upper cut deck thinggy is preety neat you can stack 8 or more blades on it to chop the grass even finner the folks that i have talked to love them. larger reisis's properties could benifit in speed but i think you'll be string trimming more than if you have an out front deck.
I just demoed the short cut again on friday.
1.I wanted to see how well I liked using the bac pac bagging system. I thought it worked well but I was using it for a large resi (43K sf) with alot of grass to bag and when you dumped with a full bag on a tarp it was pretty hard to get it into the back of the truck. I guess I could dump when it's only half full but that would reduce my productivity. And thats why I'm looking at it in the first place. As always I will try to mulch as much as possible.
2. I have a couple of steep hills that I mow on and when I tried to climb one about halfway up the hydro drive belt started to slip and about 2 seconds later it broke. Now theres no steering or brakes. I almost had to bail. Luckily the machine turned itself and headed down to the bottom of the hill without flipping or anything. For those who would think that I was going somewhere that I shouldn't have, trust me it was a hill that the machine should be able to handle. Kinda scared me. The dealer was apologizing all over himself, he had to call out a service guy to replace the belt so we could move it. I am hoping that it is just a fluke thing, I am going to demo it one more time and go in the same place and try it again before I buy.
3. On the lawn I was on, the QOC was great. As far as the heat off the motor, it was about 75 degrees out and I didn't notice any heat. But on a hotter day I don't know. I really don't think it would be too bad.
4. Anybody else have a problem with a hydro drive belt breaking under heavier load conditions. I'm wondering if maybe I weigh too much for the hill I was on. But my experience has been that it's usually a traction problem not equipment/belt failure. Also the belt just snapped, it didn't disentegrate, just a clean break. Oh, it has about 40 hours on the machine. Any thoughts? Sorry for the long post.


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I don't know anything about their mowers, but I like their magazine!

I own 4 pieces of Hustler Equipment. 2-12' Rangewings and 2 3400 Outfronts one with a highlift dump. I like there equipment very much. As for the short cut, the dealer let me try one with the 54" side discharge deck for two weeks last month while I was waiting for my new outfront to come in. I was impressed with the speed and quality of cut, but I did not think it handled hills all that good. One of my good friends in the business has one with the uppercut deck with the bagger, he has had a lot of trouble with the bagger getting clogged with high wet grass, so much so he had to take off the uppercut blades and bagger , now he has no trouble with it, but he was not to impressed with the way it bagged. But as I said I think they have some of the best equipment on the market today, but also in our area the dealer is excellent which also makes a big difference on what equipment to buy.