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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wissel_landscaping, Jan 26, 2005.

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    i went to the hustler dealer today to look at a fastrak, my son wants to come with me in the summer to work i never put him on a big ztr yet so i figured the fastrak might be the ticket. the guy there was the biggest cockiest ass i have ever met i told him what i wanted to buy and he tells me no you want to buy a superZ i tell him i dont need a superZ for my son to use why spend the money on a big ztr when i allready have one? so then i look at his handheld equipment its all stihl i say is that all you deal with is stihl he says yes real cocky what else is there i say redmax for one he says junk stihls are way better so i then said i'm done here thanks for your time. my son and i jump in the truck and go home. if the guy wasnt such a ass i would have bought the fastrak right then and there the thing that sucks is hes the only hustler dealer close to me. so i need to find a smaller slower ztr for my son to start out on.
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    I would call Hustler and tell them your situation and what happened at that local dealer. Maybe they will help you out.
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    PM or e-mail me the dealer info please, I will look into this for you.
    We are adding dealers in Ohio at a pretty good rate, so maybe we can get another dealer to get you taken care of.

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    Call the factory,tell them what happened.....they might just help you out!! :waving:

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