Hustler no start just click.


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I have a hustler heavy duty model 930149 serial 12121074
I had a small problem with it starting last year. Put a new battery in it and every thing was good then all of the sudden it did it again. This time I put in a new battery checked the seat safty switch and the lever safty switches by continuity and all 3 check out. Pulled starter and jumpers solenoid and it works. When I turn key to start position I near a click and I have no power to the blu remote wire on starter. Any ideas on where to look from here?


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chesapeake, va
You should get ya a wiring diagram from the Hustler site. May have a small "cube
" type starter relay supplying the volts to the blue wire.
Check the wiring diagram.
Check yer grounds.

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Is your PTO switch on? Sounds like that could be the "click" and the safety disabling start function...