Hustler or Bad Boy?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by The_Duk, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Well, I guess I really messed up then. After several months of thorough research on the web, talking with commercial operators, visiting almost every mower dealer within 50 miles of my home and actually riding each brand and model that I was considering in my price range, I chose the Bad Boy 50" ZT. This was after I had actually narrowed it down from my top 4 choices between Gravely's ZT 2552HD & Compact 48Z, Scag 48" FreedomZ, Hustler Fast Track and the Bad Boy (also tested Kubota, John Deere, Exmark, Dixie Chopper and Snapper). Then I narrowed it down further to the Scag and the Bad Boy by demoing, both me and my wife. I liked both of these ZTRs best (along with the dealers attitudes and their proximity) of all that were personally tested. I called both the Scag and Bad Boy factories to discuss the models considered and was treated with respect and given detailed answers to all of my questions. Also, I asked for input on several threads on this website. We ultimately chose the Bad Boy, even though I was convinced that neither would be a mistake and both were great mowers for my application. Never would I suggest that "mine is better than yours" nor would I state that any of the other mowers not purchased by myself are "junk". This would be more than bold, considering all of the fine equipment available by each manufacturer for different applications. I guess only time will tell, but in the meantime, me and my wife will be mowing with big ol' smiles and sleeping well with our decision. If anyone believes that Bad Boys are just heaps of junk, I suggest they go check them out thoroughly and "kick the tires". Just make sure that you're wearing your steel-toed boots:). If anything, Bad Boys are overbuilt. If something isn't right or anything goes wrong and ignoring foolish pride, I will be sure to post on this site. I will occasionally report on my Bad Boy's performance as time goes on and the hours accumulate, but I will not participate in any juvenile or argumentative discussions.
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    I just told my opoion and yes I went and kicked the tires. I didn't like what I seen. If it works for you great. That was just my opion.
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    castle, i am curious on what basis you are saying they are junk? have you ever owned one? have you ever tested one? do you like the color orange? i am just wondering if you've had people that you know who have had a ton of problems with them? i am really leaning toward this mower... i know we all have our own personal opinions and beliefs, but if your telling me that they are junk becuase you just don't like the color, then you opinion holds no merit with me.
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    Hey Retro I will tell you what I will call Exmark and Husqvarna up and ask if I can get a clean cut no option unit and then we will have a competion I agree that the Bad Boy is an ok unit but if you add the standard item found on other unit they cost the same

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    Hustler does come with a 4 year warranty. Next time when you try to call out someone on missinformation, you better make sure its not A dealer who knows FACTS about his products.

    And for the rest of you BB customers I have put all of my brands aginst BB and the only thing they beat me on is cost. On the last demo I did aginst BB 15 minutes after they cut the grass the front tire tracks stood back up and were completly uncut from lack of suction of the deck.

    Sorry to rant more, but it agervates me when someone calls me out. My appologies.

    AND RETRO.. I will put any of my mowers aginst yours. I pick the terrain and its going to be a HILL!!! good luck
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    I've run Deere, Kubota and Gravely commercial units. We now run Bad Boy and are EXTREMELY pleased. People who bad mouth them are usually those with eletist attiudes or are dealers for other brands imho. We have cut against Exmark's and Scag's with their owner's agreeing no difference in cut.
    The Exmark owner is going to trade his machine in on a BB this spring as he has a ton of hours on his and is needing a new machine.;
    Break them down spec by spec and the BB is either exceeds or meets the specs of any other brand, engines, pumps, drive motors, look at how heavy the BB are built. Look at the weights of comparable machines.
    The key to BB is setting the deck up correctly. Set them at a 2.0-2.5 degree forward slope using a digital level, they are under 25.00 at Sears. We cut mostly fescue or bermuda lawns in our area and have had zero issues with our Bad Boys. When they are up 80% in sales compared to the market being down 30% that's a 110% improvement over the other mower mfg's. They are working 10 hr days, six days a week trying to keep up with demand.
    I for one am not paying 1500.00-3000.00 more for a different color of paint.
    We also farm and are pretty adept at telling how a piece of machinery is built, that's why we farm with John Deere and mow yards with Bad Boy.
    It cracks me up how people bad mouth them because of what they cost, like that means something. When you use the most modern mfg. methods available it cuts labor cost, robotic welding, automated painting, etc. We're not affilated with BB in anyway, just hard working guys who want the most value for their hard earned dollar. BB wins that hands down.
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    If you read my original post, I did mention that maybe the web site had not been updated yet, so back off the attitude. Go back and re-read it. I'll wait...

    Okay, you back? How about the rest of what I say? What, no answer? the only thing you want to jump on my post and attempt to pick it apart is for the discrepency between whether it's a 3 or 4 year warranty? How about your intentional misrepresentation of the BB's warranty? Any comment there?

    I'm happy you believe in your product. As a dealer you should belive in it. And did I not also state that I too believe Hustler makes a good machine?

    But I too stand firmly behind my belief that your continued use of not just comparative, but outright derogatory statements regarding any competitor's machines reflects very negatively upon yourself and your brand. Let your product speak for itself without misrepresenting the facts. That's all I'm asking for.

    How do you think Hustler would respond if I told them if you were my local dealer, I go out of my way to buy another brand from a more reputable, trustworthly, and honest dealer? I don't think they'd be pleased especially if shown some of your postings.
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    I have been waiting for someone to actually say that and agree. You pick the terrain, then I pick the mowers. I apologize upfront for changing the subject of the post, but if you are serious, I will load up a new 61" Outlaw 31hp Kawasaki with 5400's that retails for $7999, and mow against your hustler that retails for $7999. Cut will be graded on speed (productivity), and quality on a 10 point rating, whichever one loses gives up their mower. I will be happy to make a trip of it and bring it up there, I will need to practice first on the hills, as I am not used to mowing on them. If you are interested, pm me to give me directions and set it up. Lmk....
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    Step up Mo and put your $ where your mouth is, I want to see this (as I'm sure many others would too) and someone HAS to get video of the event. I'd also suggest a couple of unbiased third and fourth party judges. This would be a great dual, let the games begin! :weightlifter:
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    Wow retro, I like it but I doubt mo would ever do it
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