Hustler or Bad Boy?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by The_Duk, Mar 24, 2010.

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    who gives a crap, this is as funny as the mailbox thread.
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    Yeah, you are prolly right, here is what he would have to use FasTrak Super Duty 25HP Kaw 60" STD 928481 $7,639

    That was the 2009 price, but it couldn't be much more this year. I don't really think it would be fair, but I am game and like to gamble. It would make a good story on here, kinda like throwing the glove in the ring, it will be worth it even if I
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    I don't know what is taking Mo so long to reply back. The challenge has been made. since he continually reminds everyone how awful Bad Boy mowers are and how superior are the brands that he sells, he should be jumping at the opportunity to show up the BB brand.

    I will say that I have a neighbor that has a BB mower and i've been by his place many times after he has mowed it (6 acres) and have never seen the condition (grass raising up from the front tire tracks that didn't get mowed because of a lack of suction) that Mohustler said that happened when he demo'ed against a BB mower.
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    Always does...
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    There are guys that have problems with husqvarna and call them the way they see it and in thier eyes there junk. and thats fine by me I know alot of them were not geared to the commercial guy that cuts 1000 hours a season. I do Belive that the PZ will be a winner for the Husqvarna group. as far the spoiler and wheel covers they are optins I was just making a funny.
    how I feel about BB and any other mower is just my opnion and I really dont matter in the sceme of things. I could be totaly wrong about BB and of I am I will appolgize to every BB owner on this site. also to anyone who does own one I appolgize for not choising my words more carefully and calling them junk. I do belive they are along the tier of an older husqvarna in the comprable model. I DONT want to make enimies as I said early about Ford VS chevy, I am a huge ford fan. I own a 6.0 and will be the first to admit that engine was a pile of Sh**. So this isnt a I hate all BB`s and thier owners, I just stated my opinion of them.

    I looked into the BB before buying my Dixon actually I have the BB catolog infront of me now. If you and anyopne else wants a BB go get one. I will give BB a lot of creadit on thier marketing and prices, as a bizz owner thats what you want to do sell lots of equipment and bottom line make money cant blame them for that. But there is a few things I personaly dont like about them and maybe that will change.

    Once again I should have chossen my words more carefully and not shot of at the mouth. *trucewhiteflag*If a BB will last and save money up front in cost thats great. I know I wont go out and buy a Grasshopper or anything in that price range, its to rich for my blood :nono:
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    Thanks for the last reply. Fair enough to everything you said as far as I am concerned:)

    Not to steal this thread but I am going to be watching for feedback on the Husqvarna PZ series to see how the deck performs, in varying conditions. Do you know what the price range is for a 60" model?

    Also, are you going to demo one or have you already bought one?

    I will also be watching how the Bad Boy outlaw performs, also the New Snapper Pro series with the new deck and the John Deere 900 series.

    I actually own a Lastec 61" articulator mower and like it alot, although I would like to see a few changes, such as; more trim side deck extension, foot lift for deck larger discharge chute opening. It really excels on warm season turfgrasses. Unfortunately, I cut alot of Bahia in my area and mine will cut it pretty well in the summer but I will have to slow down more than I would in an EverRide Warrior...or probably a Scag with the Velocity Deck or a John Deere 7 iron 2 deck. I think that this new Snapper/Ferris deck and also the new Husqvarna PZ series Deck will be right up around the top performers in the bahia type lawns.

    As for the original question by Original Poster; I would say that he needs to make sure to demo both mowers on his property or at least the type of property that he will be cutting and weigh the performance of them with the dealer reputaton and support that he'll be getting, along with the price and warranty coverage and go with what he feels most comfortable with.
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    MoHustler you'll lose if you cut northern grasses. I cut everyday with a Super Z and while I love the ride, it cuts like crap has since it was new in 2006 and after all the updates it still does. I doublecut everything especially when using the XR7 deck to clean up the cut. My mower been in the shop more than anything I have owned in 19 yrs of cutting with Z's.

    While I haven't run a BB Outlaw I like the design, because it's an improvment over the Hustler Super Z. Better deck, better hillside stability, more dependable nothing breaks down more than a Super Z, thus a 4 yr warranty. My Hustler had only a 2 yr warranty and I used it up in 1000 hrs. Now every breakdown comes out of my pocket. I trade mine in a minute for an Outlaw.

    Prove me wrong put up your Hustler if their so great. This will be fun for most of us.:laugh:

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