Hustler or Bad Boy?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by The_Duk, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Will they let you demo it? I won't buy any machine I haven't owned already or at least demoed. I stick up for Bad Boy mowers mainly because I've owned everything else at 1 time or another and know their faults. Bad Boy is listening to us, and while not perfect they are making great strides with the Outlaw. Let us know what you decide.

    Hustlers have issues too, a lot of them. Demo and get the one you like the most.
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    I'm sad that this thread might come to a end. :cry:
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    and drive train. This is what I've maintained from the start, and available for one's own reading pleasure on BB's warrantly info page on their web site. Mo intentionally tried to imply the whole machine's warranty only one year. I still have yet to find where Hustler's warranty is four years. From Hustler's web site, for the Super Z, which was the OP's model in question, the warranty is:
    •Lifetime warranty on the tractor frame
    •Lifetime warranty on the leading edge of the deck
    •Hydraulic hoses and fittings guaranteed to never leak
    •3-year warranty on the blade spindle bearings
    •3-year warranty on the front caster fork bearings
    •Limited 2-year warranty -- parts and labor

    Of course there is a disclaimer that says "See your local Hustler Dealer for complete warranty details," but you'd think if they came with four year coverage, Hustler would advertise it. Also, now that I look at this list, it doesn't even mention engine, drive train, or clutch coverage, other than within the 2 year limited parts and labor. Wow, same as BB. Again, the whole issue I had with Mo's post was that it was a clear and intentional misrepresentation of the facts, not necessarily a lie, just not the whole truth. 'nuff said about that.

    With regard to the rest of your post, I whole-heartedly argree. If somebody is happy, both with their machine brand and dealer, and making money with what that machine, and people are, why should I care?

    I also think the PZ looks like on heck of a machine, at least on paper (I don't have a good Husky Z dealer).
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    I actually just found it. Hustler does have a four year residential warranty on the FasTrak 48/54, FasTrak Super Duty 36/42, and the FasTrak Super Duty 48/54/60. If used commercially, their warranties are one, two, and two respectively. See what I mean about not being a lie, but aslo not being the whole truth?

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    Ok im back, I dont post at nights sorry. To start I would like to appologise for my comments on BB your right it was not profesonal of me to comment in that way. I had a horriable day yesterday and I vented in the wrong mannor. It was not right and I will retract my statements.

    And to clarify the warranty arguement. Hustler offers a 4 year parts and labor for homeowner use on all parts and labor with the exception of wear items, tires/blades/belts. With a 2 year manafatures engine warranty. Everything that hustler covers they do for 4 years. + the hydrogear pumps and motors. They cover for the frist 2 years and hustler picks up the next 2 years. I hope this answers all questions on the warranty. If not please PM me.

    And as far as a demo, I would be happy to do a demo with a BB on any of my brands. No mowers to exchange just an old fashon demo day, nothing to loose. On all types of terrain and grass types. I have only had the chance to run BB's on 2 occasions and I base my oppinion on thoes times. I will not slander your BB's anymore. I love seeing your commercial on my TV that woman makes my day better:dancing:
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    Way to go Mo!:clapping::clapping: This does indeed counter your previous posts. Sorry about your bad day; crap happens, man...

    What dancing woman? I haven't seen any BB commercial. Heck, I don't even have a local BB dealer.

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    Mabey one of the BB guys can post it up. I could just pause the 4 seconds of the commercial that she is in. And let my TV set on it all day. Cept for the big BB logo infront of her.
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    well, you see that's the kicker, i live kinda far from a big city, closest hustler dealer-1.5 hours closest bb dealer 3-hours... so i don't think i can demo either one... that's why i am trying to do the virtual try before you buy online! lol... i have talked to hustler and bb dealers and just from what i have read and seen online, youtube, lawnsite, and just basic google research, i am still leaning toward bb.. i will tell you this, i am very encouraged by the fact that bb is asking questions on what we want and making a dang good effort in giving it to us... that alone is priceless... plus i like orange! lol... haha...
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    Sorry I was looking at the BB catolog and look past the Drive, it is a 2 year warranty
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    Not that I'm looking right now, but it sounds like my situation, except I'm only 15 miles from the city. My nearest Hustler dealer was bought out by a multi-store JD/Scag dealer. Nice people, but they sort of dropped the commercial Hustlers. The last few times I was in for a part for my FIL's JD LT (couple years ago?), they only had one Sport 42, which was, of course, sitting between a Scag Freedom and a JD Z225. Just did a dealer search and they are no longer listed; next closest is about 45 minutes. My nearest BB dealer is over an hour away.

    When I was shopping around, I was very much envious of places where guys did have more of a selection of brands to make actual seat-of-the-pants comparisons. Around here, things are pretty much dominated by exmark, scag, and ferris. Not that they're bad machines, just they do carry a premimum price somewhat due to that lack of competition.

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