Hustler or Bad Boy?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by The_Duk, Mar 24, 2010.

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    All brands have good their little quirks, I have had excellent dealer support, couldn't ask for any better. The CAT diesel comes with a three year/3000 hour warranty and has options for extending the years if you are a "low" hour user. Basically all the engines on any brand of mower are covered by the engine mfg., most pumps, drive motors, hyrogear units used on all brands are sourced from one or two mfg.'s, most of the differences are in the frame and deck, spindles are sourced from one or two different mfgs as well, there just isn't that much difference, same with the Michigan seats. After using the Gravely, JD and Kubota, the last being Gravely all were great mowers, with the 260z being my favorite and having no warranty issues with it, I can honestly say that after using the BB Lightining Z for two years in very tough commercial conditions it has performed flawlessly. No issues, no broken anything, just normal routine maint. it has lived up or exceeded other brands that have mowed in the same locations/conditions. I don't bash the other brands, don't know why some here think they have to, it just belittle's them.
    Just because an item is lower in price doesn't mean anything, in BB's case I believe it is due to mfg effencies and they don't have hundreds of dollars built into each unit for marketing. It looks like Husky has got serious about making a quality unit for commercial use, it's going to take a while to overcome the rep they have had especially when at Wal-Mart the signs on the cheapest pos push mower's have the Husquvarna name on them. The sign says Husquvarna, Weed Eater, 149.99 they have a second model 169.99
    why would they associate their premium name brand with such a pos, it just creates that perception when people buy that junk and it last them a couple of months, then they say husky is a pos, not weed eater.

    Husky owns poulan, weedeater, mccullough an several other names, and is one of Wal-Mart's largest suppliers of lawn and garden equipment. I see the name more closely associated with big box retail, Lowes, Depot, Wal-Mart than that of Bad Boy. How much of huskies product is made in China, quite a bit, I don't see how some can bash an Amercian success story in this tough economy, a small start up company, hiring small town American workers to work in their factories, growing at a record pace in relationship to the mower industry. I applaud their efforts, need more companies like them to show American's can build quality, competitively priced equipment.
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    I dont Know how much husq build in chiuna if any! I no the poullens are built in Arkansas, now that is a whole other country down there haaha JK went to school in Arkansas. And yes that line of poullen and weedeater are CRAP!!! they also owen Josenread and a ton of other comapines in the small engines market. there parent company is Electrolux. I do think It is great that BB employees americans here in our backyard.

    Indian were are you in SW mo?
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    I did run a pz when thety first got here in the fall. looking forward to taking it out again and maybe shooting some video of it.

    It will mow down anything in its way at full speed and never slow down. Very impreesed I honestly never thought that Husqvarna would ever make a mower like this one. It is very Comfy too! as far as price I want to say that a 60 with a 29 kawi is in the 9000 range, I belive I would have to check. My dealer sells them under MSRP.
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    Castlerock, I'm over west of Monett, Mo., I still do some retail consulting, I retired from retail and still travel, been over to China several times, Husky is having a ton of product sourced/made over there, been in several factories that had it on the lines, all lower end homeowner stuff. Stihl just started producing some low end homeowner product there as well, supposedly the Stihl product is made there just for distrobution in China and the pacific rim.

    My boys primarily run our mowing business. We run all Stihl handhelds, but recently added a Husky xp chainsaw to our line up, it is a great quality saw, on par with our other stihls. I hate it when a company takes their premium brand and offer's it to Wal-Mart it just ends up ruining the reputation of the brand, hopefully Huskie will see the light before it's to late. S&H Farm up by Rogersville sold over 200 Bad Boys last year, I know it's quite aways from you, but if your ever going up that way you should stop in and just look at an Outlaw, they really tried to listen to the end user's on this model. I realize it won't change your mind, but you will see it's greatly improved for the die hard commercial user. Has the economy slowed down over on the strip?
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    I seen the outlaw at the L and G show the only think I didn't like was it looks like the back is too long could be just the way it looks. Things here look ok over here it could be better landscasping sucks but maintenace is ok.
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    Yes, it is nice to have several ZTR mower dealers with plenty of models and brands within reasonable driving distance. If you can picture this, I visited 8 dealers and tested 10 brands and a total of 14 models. Most of these dealers had two or more brands to check out side by side, at least drive in the parking lot or adjacent lot, and some allowed me to demo on site. I appreciated the professionalism shown by all of the salesmen that I spoke with. Not once did any of them badmouth or downgrade any of the other mowers I was considering. Instead, they spoke on the strong points and advantages of their line/lines of mowers, their service departments and their commitment to their customers. Two of them offered to bring a demo unit to my home to mow my own yard. Needless to say, but I narrowed it down to those two dealers who were willing to go above and beyond what I expected.
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    so what did you end up buying?
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    I got the Bad Boy 2700 ZT 50 with the 27hp Kohler for $4999.00 for my own 1 acre yard. You should also check out the CZT 50 with the 23hp Vanguard, dual rear hydraulics and larger tires. These upgrades to the ZT make this a true commercial grade mower and lists for $5699.00.
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    I really wish we had a Bad Boy dealer in my area. The only Bad Boys I have seen were at the Tractor Supply Company. My first impression of those was to be pretty impressed of how much mower you get for the price. I would like to get a up close look at the professional models.

    The one thing I hate about these threads is people say Bad Boy is junk which Im ok with. The problem I have is I wish they would then site real world examples of what makes them such a horrible mower. I get the criticism that they offer less features to keep the price point low, and that their warranty is not as long as some. Other then that can anyone come forward and offer examples or points of what exactly makes them such a inferior mower? Im not defending Bad Boy, I just honestly want to know?
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    The Outlaw was designed for hillside stability. That may be why the rear end sticks out farther. I've noticed on my mowers the shorter the rear end sticks out the less traction you have going downhill, or when trying to backup the wheels spin a lot more. On my Super Z the frame is longer and it has less reverse wheel spin, better for rolling downhills without losing control or traction.
    That was what we asked for when they designed the Autlaw. I asked for a longer frame, lower C.O.G. they delivered. Now we have to wait and see how well they did, time will tell.

    Regarding the PZ. I looked at them and was impressed with everything but the weight. I don't want a mower that heavy, our lawns are to soft, and heavily irrigated. Thats why I never bought a Kubota liked them just to heavy.
    Everyone has different needs I like a company that tries to please us.

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