Hustler or Bad Boy?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by The_Duk, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Did you get to try one? I don't care that much about looks I've had all kinds flashy orange, red, brown, yellow.
    What I want is a smooth ride that will go both uphill and downhill equally, is dependable and easy to work on. The only way to know if it's any good is to demo one. I too have to wait for a dealer to get close enough. But I like the basic design but I'm sure I could pick it apart , like I could any make or model.
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    yup weve got our stuff together down here and were putting missouri to shame everyday hahaha :dancing:
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    Ouch....I know your not bout dem HOGS!!! hahaha
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    Usually manufacturers that offer big warranties are selling pieces of junk. Like KIA, Hyundai, or Chrysler. Bad boy is an awesome mower and they don't have to hide behind a huge warranty to make their product seem more attractive.

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    I am well pleased with my Bad Boy so far and it has done exactly what I wanted and expected. During my search for a ZTR, I looked at and tested every major brand that was in driving distance, all at reputable dealers. Not once did any of these dealers bad mouth any of the other mowers that I was considering. I appreciated this professionalism. I liked several features on many of these different mower lines, but I liked everything about the Bad Boy. It was by far the most machine for the money and built for the long haul. I haven't found any "cheap" components on my Bad Boy, and most are, if anything, "overbuilt". Some of the negative opinions that have been expressed on the Bad Boy mowers border on slander, but mostly are just biased opinions, and you know what they say about opinions.

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    I don't know? I read these threads knocking Bad Boy and wonder. I'm just a homeowner that has to mow grass. Mostly 5 acres of Bahia grass. I do have to mow my mother in laws St. Augustine lawn. I needed a mower that could work on both properties, hold up, and not cost us an arm and leg. Ease of maintenance was a very big factor. Bad Boy fit that bill. The price was in our range. The mower was over bilt, with a large enough engine, and being able to maintain the vital parts was a must. Everything is very easy to get to. I had 2 warranty calls. One was the rubber discharge deflector. I called Bad Boy and a new deflector was at my door the very next morning. The other was the hour meter. The 1,000's digit was not working very well. It only showed a part of the digit. A call to Bad Boy and a new meter was at my door the next morning. I've called and talked to tech support many times about setting up and making adjustments to the engine, deck, and steering levers with a very knowledgeable person giving me advice and instructions. I enjoy that being I'm a very hands on type of guy. I can swing the gas tanks out, flip the floor board up. raise the seat, and look at and touch every part on the mower. I'm sure something will brake one day. But with my everyday tools, the service manual, and tech support, I'll get it done. I'll reach the 50 hour mark this summer. I'm looking forward to the hydro oil and filter change. Should be a walk in the park. I got a phone from Bad Boy yesterday asking me how things were with my mower. It was a nice relaxed conversion that made me feel good. As far as the quality of the mow. I'm very happy. My neighbors have taken notice and give me compliments all the time. It's kind of funny. They couldn't stand me having all the fun, so most of my neighbors went out and bought box store ztr's. They do notice their cut aren't near as clean as mine, and for some reason they're all getting stuck in places I would have no problems. I do have some wealthier neighbors that own Exmarks. Their lawns look great. But no better than mine. The great fact about getting a Bad Boy is my wife likes to saddle up and shares the mowing duties. That's just fine with me! :cool2:

    Thou Bad Boys aren't for every mowing man or woman out there. The orange Pup is just ok with us. :drinkup:
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    I'm in agreement with all you have said. Before my final decision on my ZTR, I called the factories on the two that I had narrowed it down to. The customer service and sales reps at Bad Boy were all very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. Then the dealer, who also sells Dixie Chopper, Grasshopper and Big Dog mowers, was more than willing to bring a demo unit (which was brand new) Bad Boy to my home to put it to test on my actual property. This was to be done on a side by side comparison, with the other mower I was considering. I've already posted detailed info on my ZTR search and considerations, so, in short, me and my wife chose the Bad Boy. We liked the dealer, the company, their product and the value. Value does not equate with cheap, and their ZTR's are - well, as my wife says "This thing is STOUT!". We only have a little over 6 hours on our new machine, and I've had zero issues, but I guess only time will tell. So far it's been great and the cut quality is excellent. I've had two different commercial mowing crews stop to watch as I've been mowing and inquire about my Bad Boy and where I purchased it.:usflag:
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    congrats pathfinder!
    I have 2.6 hours on my lazer and zero problems as well ! woohoo! hahah gotta love new mowers
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    Do you read your posts?? Go ahead read them again....OK, read and pay attention to the way you wrote them..... Now, whooo has has to back off the attitude???:confused::hammerhead::dizzy::laugh:
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    OK, I know I am not on the homeowner forum but...

    This thread is of great interest to me, as I am interested in both the Hustler Super Duty 60 and the BB ZT 60. I looked at both today and both look like good mowers. I was not as impressed with the Hustler dealer as he was trashing on BB as newcomers and not as refined as the Hustler line. The BB is $5600 and the Hustler is $6700.

    The BB is very heavy duty but the Hustler looks pretty strong as well.

    Kohler Courage Pro 27hp vs Kawasaki 25hp - I figure I'll mow no more than 70 hrs/yr and will do regular maintenance likely more than required amounts - Comments on engines?

    Deck spindles - Hustler dealer claims the spindles are much heavier duty than the BB - Comments?

    Electric deck lift vs foot operated deck lift on the Hustler? - Comments?

    Any known complaints about either model? I see some small details where the Hustler is a bit more refined than the BB, but the BB seems to be constructed heavier.

    Just to throw another one in here, I was considering the Toro Titan ZX6050 but they did not have that model in stock - Pricing is a bit closer to the BB @ $5900 and it seems to be pretty well spec'd and has the Kawi 27hp engine - Should I look closer at this one?

    I appreciate any feedback here - I have about 3 acres to mow with some slope but not excessive.


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