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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by spudden, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. spudden

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    Hello everyone, new member here. I am at a crossroads as far as my next piece of equipment. For the last 12+ years i have used a craftsman 15.5 hp kohler 42" riding mower on the 3 properties i have lived during that time. All have had 3 to 5 acres with my home now having 4. The craftsman is still moving forward (that's all it will do) and will cut if you have the patience but it is about had it. As far as mowing is concerned everything tells me to go with a hustler. Last summer i went to a dealer and checked one out and was very impressed. Also a couple of friends at work have one for there homes and they love there's. While there is no doubt that the hustler would be a giant upgrade in mowing performance over what i've been using, i also core ariate, water, spray weed killer and fertilize my centipede to have the best looking yard in the neighborhood. And you never know when the wife wants that #*^! garden again. With that in mind, i think maybe i need a high end lawn tractor because it may be more versital. But when it comes down to it which ever one i choose mowing the grass is what it will be doing 90% of the time. What is the towing capacity on the hustlers because whlile i like the finished results, my yard work does take up a lot of my time and i would like to speed things up without sacrificing quality.
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    What kind of gardening are you talking about?? If tilling is something you are looking to do you should buy a a good walk behind tiller. It is ready anytime you are to do the garden. Then you don't have to remove the mower deck to change to a tiller operation.

    After all this is said. Remember tractors are a compromise. It can do many things but can it do all things great. Most of the time it is no.Most of the time you are better off buy a machine made just to do one thing great.Hustler are made to mow and mow at a good speed.The quality of cut will out do any tractor. You will cut your cutting time by a lot depending on the machine you are looking at. Most tow between 300-500lbs.So it tows most items around with no problems. You will really enjoy the difference in quality going from a Craftsmen to a Hustler.Can anyone match their warranty??Hmmmmm. I don't think so. I think you should demo a unit then you will know the difference.

    Thats my opinion. :)
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    If you want to finish faster you should get the Hustler. If you want a great looking lawn get the hustler. The tractor can't turn close to trim. they have a seven mph. ground speed, alot faster than the tractor. The four year warranty and the reliability is the best in the business. Everybody around here raves about them. Check out RCRiders previous thread on his mower. Good luck.
  4. spudden

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    Ya'll are exactly right. I guess i just needed a little push in that direction because i have never set out to buy a $6,000-$8,000 "lawn mower". I have always used mowers like i have now, but with the increase in landscaping contractors and lawn service companies over the last several years, i had always noticed the ztr mowers and thought man that almost looks like fun but can i justify the price. My real job keeps me busy and the older i get my time is more valuable so i want to get it done quicker but it look as neat as possible. What do ya'll use. I'm thinking about a super z or a super mini although i did look at the fastrack but i liked the beefed up hydros of the supers.
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    I have a Craftsman 42", Garden Tractor, 22hp Kohler eng., bought it 5 yrs ago as I had your same concerns. I mostly use it to mow 1.5 acres and had to replace the entire steering housing, shaft, etc., TWICE in this time. I just had Sears out and we split the cost of the $400 repair. I have 30+ trees, pool, shed, landscaping, etc. and I turn more than go straight, wish I would have known now when we bought the house what I now know, Zero Turn, no question at all. Just trying to convince the wife that 5k for another mower when I spent 2.5k five years ago.

    I will only get a Hustler and can't wait, even without the demo.

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