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Hustler or Scag?


LawnSite Member
Lincoln, NE
Alright people, I'm just starting my lawn service in Lincoln, NE. I have used Scags for about 4 years now, all hydros. I was dead set on going with a full line of Scags for new endeavor until I started looking at the Hustlers. They grew on me more and more mainly because of the untouchable warranty they come with.

The reason I liked the Scags so much was the way they striped and the cutting job they did was absolutely awesome. So without using the Hustlers I ended up buying 2 37' hydro walk-behinds, a 52' Super Z, and a 72' Super Z. Now I have a full line of Hustlers but am not really sure how they are going to stand up to the Scags cut.

What am I to expect, give me some feedback if you have any.

Primow! Lawn Care, Inc.
Lincoln, NE