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hustler questions


LawnSite Member
I am looking for a new front-line mower, can be w/b, stander or Z. I just spoke with Hustler dealer and he has a demo super Z w/ 92hrs, full warrenty and 25 hp kaw for $6800.00. Is this a good deal?
I am also looking for good finance deal. I know dane has the 24 month 0%, Ferris has a 12m sac and 180sac... I am looking for te best deal and the best mower for the money. Most everyone names exmark as one of the favorites, but I just don't know.


LawnSite Senior Member
That sounds like a good deal to me. And you have the full warranty. I paid $7200 for my 2003 Hustler Z with 24hp Honda. The super Z is more expensive that the plain Hustler Z. Larger pumps and wheel motors. I would take that deal if I came across it.

gene gls

LawnSite Gold Member
It sounds like a good deal, but it depends on how the 92 hours were put on as a demo. If the dealer is present with each demo then it might be a good deal.


supermini z

LawnSite Member
middletown de
I prefer hustler for the small frame. They have the top of the line right now. It's the supermini z. It incorperates 16cc hydo pumps, with a cooling fan and radator a 52inch deck and a 24hp honda engine with an oil cooler also transport speed is 13mph . Exmark can't come close to this but in the larger frame they are the same. I prefer hustler because of the speed but the exmark is also a top notch machine. If you were going to buy a 52inch go with hustler supermini z if you are gonig with a 60 or 72 inch go with whatever you like better.

KL Squared

LawnSite Member
Cartersville, Ga
I bought a Hustler this year. It was a 52 inch mini Z. It has been great. The preice seems good. As long as the warrnaty is complete and the dealer stands behind it then it sounds good to me.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I have a Hustler Z 52/23 and paid $6700 about 7 months ago. When I bought mine the Super Z with a 25 Kawi was $7300 (not a demo) so $6800 for a Super with a 25 sounds like a good price. Buy it you'll love the speed and clean cut of a Hustler.