hustler review (after a demo)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joshua, Sep 27, 2001.

  1. joshua

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    pj, from our site came to my house today and gave me a demo of the new super z made by hustler. i must say i was impressed by their regular z so if this machine could top it, i would buy it. i went across the street to ccut my neightbors lawn, and i didn't take much off but that machine sucked leaves under and spit them out mulched like i didn't see with my exmarks. let me add this before i go on it rained all last night and everything was soaked, keep that in mind. so aftre finishing her lawn we went to a ball field up the street from me with some hills about 25 degree slopes. and i was cautiuos to go on them until pj said i wouldn't have any trouble. i went down 2 and came back up, on my 3rd time down i felt if i could just stop the mower and turn around and come back up but didn't want to chance it. ( i could of easyly) as i was cuttiing the mower didn't bog down a bit and i ws taking about 3-4 inches of thick weeds, it blw them out with no trouble and no clumps and dispered them to the point where i couldn't even see them. so i came back up to the top and pj told me to go out onto the field and take about 10 passes. so i did and this was more like the lawns i'm used to mostly kentucky blue. so i take the passes ( i think 12 ) and the stripes were dark, not so much straight (since i'm not used to a 60" ztr) but they were dark and no clumps ever though it was very wet. i wa taking about 2 inches of grass, and i was going fast. so after that we went up to my dealer, and needless to say tey were very impressed with it. pj, will be stopping by on monday to talk with the owner because he wasn't their today.

    over all view of the new hustler super z, its a jmust buy for me, hopefully my dealer decides real soon that he will carry hstlers products so i can get one beofre fall is over. its built like a tank, but its fast and very agile. every important picece is easy to get to: the pumps, filters, ect... , steel spindles (not more worring about running doubles), alot of power, and the price is way cheaper than a exmark.and i could go on but this is long enough.looks like this kid that would only recccommend exmark when he started on here is gunna switch real soon ( hopefully).
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    Glad you were so impressed with the Super Z.
    I am going to talk to your dealer today and Monday, and see how fast we can get him set up.
    We will get you that Super Z as soon as he gets his off the truck.


    I have a few pics from the demo I will post em later today......
  3. dhicks

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    Way to go Hustler...
  4. John DiMartino

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    Everyone who has demo'd a huslter has bought one it seems.I havent heard a single negative thing about them so far.This mower sounds like a winner.I especially like the brake interlocks,single belt,and the stability.Way to go Hustler,this will raise the bar in our industry,forcing competitors to build better mowers or go out of business.This is a win-win for us.
  5. joshua

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    john, this is a win-win for us no matter how anyone looks at it, they will build beiiger, faster, and more productive mowers to keep up with each other or like you said go out of business. pj, everything sounds great, let me know what my dealer decides so we an get the ball rolling and get me a super z.

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