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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Flashpoint, Jan 27, 2002.

  1. Flashpoint

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    Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with a Shortcut from Hustler? I am looking at a 54 in 25 hp Koh. What do you think about that H-Bar Steering? Or that seat style? Any comments would be appreciated.

    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I thought this mower was discontinued. I drove one last year just was not practical for what I mow.
  3. cajuncutter

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    It is a great machine. Like all other mowers on the market it has it's good points and bad. Some good points are you can turn around in tight spaces as where a Z model can not. Also you can stand when you are tired of sitting and one great thing is it takes no time at all to learn to drive. Anyone can drive it in no time. Draw back are obviously you stradle a seat as if you are on a 4 wheeler for 6 to 8 hours. And you have no back rest...that would be nice from time to time. As far as parts and durability this thing is awsome. This will be my 4th coming season. I have made it 3 seasons with only 3 hours down time. Only items I had to repair were the belts, tires and a starter switch. If you do get one i highly recomend getting the turf tires, do not get the agressive atv tires..they were great for a while but as soon as they start loosing tread they tear the yard up. This mower was designed..I think..for the person that is torn between a surfer and a get both all in one. It is actually shorter in length than a 36 exmark walk behind..I can drive up on my trailer and spin it around and drive right off. It does take a little time to counter rotate the tires properly but practice makes perfect
    GOOD LUCK:blob3:
  4. How so?

    Please explain in depth.
  5. cajuncutter

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    Well as I said in my post I can drive up on the trailer(16x6.5) and turn right around and drive off. Also I do not even need6.5 feet to turn around..I can do a 180 in aprox 5.5 feet...I do not know exactly however tomorrow or actually today (up way too late:rolleyes: )I can go out and measure off the distance and do it and report right back to ya:D
  6. cajuncutter

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    ohhh P.S. Also I said it is shorther than a 36inch exmark is wider than it is long...and also I have tried turning both an exmark Z and a lesco vipor I believe it is..neither could do it on my trailer..they were too long .. DATS AWL:blob3:
  7. I tried the shortcut before, it was so so as ease of learning curve.

    If we were to take a 48" Lazer hp or even a 60" DC, I could do the exact same on the same size trailer. A DC is 75" long but that is from back of mower to bumper and the wheels are 4" or so set back from the bumper.

    But how many time are you going to get in such a confinded space that you could not turn a mower around?

    If we can't get in it, use a smaller mower or trim it.

    I had to ask, the curiosity got the best of me. No need to explain any more, I understand.

    But you could give the dimentions of the mower.
  8. cajuncutter

    cajuncutter LawnSite Senior Member
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    I get in them all the time..also the length is 63.5..and another advantage..atleast if you own a redmax eb7000, you can strap the BP on and take off and do parking lots and long curb sides in killer time...both teamed together rock!!

    BTW You can go to the hustler link above and find specs on their site "W/54 in Deck Length 63.5 in (1.62 m). Overall width 58.5 in (1.50 m). Tire-to-tire width 45.5 in (1.16 m). Weight 995 LBS (448 KG)"..these are for the newer models..mine might actually be a little shorter by an inch or 2 or maybe longer..who knows:rolleyes: ..I am too busy watching playoffs to get off my lazy can to check:D
  9. mowerconsultant

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    Not discontinued, in fact we still sell a fair amount of them still.
    We just have been advertising and putting more time into promoting our new Z family of mowers, such as the Hustler Z and Super Z


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