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hustler shortcut


LawnSite Member
Joliet Il
ok guido they are accually telling me before they buy it what do u guy and laides think of the hustler shortcuts.<br>thanxs <br>alex


LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
the shortcut and its variety of engine sizes and deck options, and catching options, make it one of the most valuable units on the trailer.<br>built like a tank also !!!<br>demo one your hustler dealer would be glad to prove it to you.<br>let us know what ya think.<br>


LawnSite Silver Member
Wow, they (your &quot;partners&quot;) seem to have a wild purchasing scheme. An MTD and a hustler in the same month? Why didn't they just buy the hustler first? <p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://communities.msn.com/guidosequipmentpics/&quot;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti