Hustler spindles?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nosparkplugs, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. nosparkplugs

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    I was picking up some trimmer line at one Dealer I frequent today, they sell Hustler, grasshopper, Walker. I have been kinda looking over the Hustler Super Z XR-7 30hp kohler 66" deck $ 11,199. The Hustler is "growing" on me each time I vist, until I looked under the deck today. I was impressed at the design, thickness & quality of the deck. Expect I noticed the grease zerk for the spindle's is on the underside of the deck:confused: WTF:confused: that cannot be easy to grease anytime period, now my infactuation has worn off. Their is no perfect mower, you give up certain features with a company, to gain a feature on another companies ZTR, and in the end, you still don't have all the best features, only a compromise. This is why it takes me at least 1 year to purchase a ZTR.
  2. razor1

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    Not cool, but better than not having them at all.
  3. nosparkplugs

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    in the real world those Hustler spindles would be missing some greasings, vs the upper spindle zerk design thats a fact. SO whats the point of the zerks might as well be NONE.
  4. gene gls

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    The grease zerk on the Hustlers is only to be greased every 500 hours or so. The bearings are sealed, you grease to fill the open area between the bearings to keep out moisture. I made my bearings all greasable, they last much longer than nogreasables. Its a lot easier to grease than you think.
  5. puppypaws

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    True, greasing spindles is not something that worries me, you have good access each time you change blades, and they are very easy to grease. I shoot 4 or 5 shots in mine every year whether they need it or not.
  6. Z-Man

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    I just bought the Hustler Super Z with a 31HP kaw. Assume! Check out the 31hp before you buy the 30hp kohler. I just cut some really tall thick grass this past week and the thing never lost a beat. As Gene said, you only need to grease the spindles once every 500 or once a year. The zerk’s are very easy to get to with the front lifted, just like you would change the blades.

  7. pconley

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    Compare the grasshopper deck to the hustler and then notice where the greese zerks are, you can't beat a grasshopper.
  8. fool32696

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    I paid $8700 out the door for the exact machine that you listed for $11k+. I also got them to throw in some flex forks for that price
  9. puppypaws

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    The difference is I will cut 1/3 more grass in a day than with any Grasshopper made, this is what extra speed accomplishes. Greasing spindles is not a problem once a year when a mower is 27% more productive. The Super Z is a 15 mph mower and the top speed on their top of the line Grasshopper frontmount and midmount is 11 mph, this is a difference of 27%. With the time saved between the Super Z and Grasshopper you could take the spindles completely out of the mower to grease them every week and still be way ahead of the game.

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Most people take their baldes off every 10-50 hours to sharpen them. So you will be under your Deck at least 10 times before you need to worry about greesing them. Its verry easy to greese them while your under there doing the blades.

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