Hustler Sport 42 with Briggs went dead


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vienna, va
I have been beyond happy with my Hustler Sport 42 since 5-11-09 when I purchased it from a dealer in Northern Virginia along with few accessories (lights, hr. meter, side bagger). It has been running flawlessly until two weekends ago.

I took it out for the last time this season to suck up some stray leaves in the yard as I have a side bagger and then all of a sudden I hear a thunk and the engine cuts-off in my front yard. I hop off check the engine and dip stick and oil level was fairly normal but there was a slight oil leak by the black circular casing where the oil ventilation and fuel hoses connect to the B&S engine. When I tried to start the engine it just turns freely as if the plug is off the head. I am dreading the fact that something internal has gone wrong with the Briggs 17.5. Oil, filters (oil, fuel, air) were changed last spring and as i mentioned the unit has been running flawlessly. I know it's hard to diagnose this over the net but can anyone shed something on this or have had similar issues?? I sent an e-mail Hustler and now I need some manpower to push this mower up a slight hill to my driveway as it is stored in a shed and then have it picked up by a dealer.

I am hoping Hustler will take care of it under extended Warranty as I plan to take it to a different dealer because when I called my original dealer the man did not know anything about their warranty policy and told me to look it up on the Web which I found absurd. I do have all the manuals and one states third year partial warranty coverage. On a tangent, the original dealer suggested I go with Briggs when I asked them I am willing to pay a little more with Honda engine and he said I won't have any issues as B&S has been around a long time. Thanks in advance.


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That is going to be a briggs problem not Hustler so the 3 year parts covered warranty thing will not cover the briggs motor I think briggs is usually one year warranty. To me it sounds like the rod broke. Just a guess