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    I noticed that Hustler sells this as a full frame machine but when I looked at one the front section of the frame stops about 4 inches from the rear wheels and the rear section of the frame goes to about the middle of the rear tire leaving approximately a 8 inch gap ,both sections then appear to be welded to the encloser that houses the mowers pumps, battery and support for the seat. Is this a full frame machine or more like a uni body setup as other comparable models and Hustlers other models appear to have full perimeter frames. Secondly I noticed the deck has plastic pulleys , I was told this is to reduce heat but saw other ZTRs using metal pulleys. Is this a cost savings measure or for the longevity of the belts and pulleys. I read that the Sport has a 11 gauge welded/fabricated deck , other models that are cheaper are using 12 gauge stamped decks. Is a one gauge thicker deck going to make a difference whether its welded or stamped . Lastely I have .5 acres that is relatively flat to mow , are the EZT hydraulics sufficent for residential use or should I step up to a mower with the 2800 hydraulics as I would like to get as much longevity as possible from whichever ZTR I buy.
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    Full welded not stamped frame and deck.
    The extra thickness of the steel and it being a welded / fabricated deck is what separates this mower from the others in this price point of mowers.
    For a half acre of flat grass the EZT's are more than ok, if you were mowing more than a few acres a couple times a week then I would step up to the ZT2800's / 3100's.
    If your budget is 3k to 3.5k then this is the best choice for your money, if you have a 5 k budget take a look at our FasTrak with the ZT3100's.


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