Hustler Sport Kawasaki motor 42"


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Horsham, PA
New to the site looking for a zero turn for the house, have a 0.5 acre lot. Want to cut down on mowing time and aggravation, have been using a walk behind. I am torn betwen a Hustler sport vs Toro timecutter MX. The Toro timecutter MX just came out this year which makes me nervous, but do not know much about the hustler. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated! If any one has prices on the Hustler Sport 42" and 48 " with the Kawasaki motor for 2011 and 2012 that would be great.

Thanks in advance.



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Syracuse, NY
The Sport has been out for several years and is proven.
The Kawasaki engine we use is also proven.
You will find the Hustler to drive smoother and be build heavier than the Toro.
Compare them side by side if possible in the same day at least if you can.



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South Bend, In
NO question here, the hustler is much better built. Just check the deck and brackets. That should be enough. I posted a lot of photos on my set up Do a search on dunk50 for multiple photos.