Hustler Sport with Honda? Do the ALL surge??

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dunk50, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. dunk50

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    Serious question folks. I up and made a decision to go with the Hustler Sport 42" with the Honda. Took it to the parking lot for a ride and was extremely disappointed. At anywhere from idol to full throttle the motor surged badly. If the PTO is engaged it was better but still there. I am not talking about a little surge I am guessing north of a 1000 rpm's. You could not drive it very far without back pain, difficult loading on a trailer and just plain sounded terrible. The kicker is the dealer has 4 of these and we ran them all. Same thing! Is this something that will fix itself or is that the nature of the beast. Salesman says he thinks it's just bad gas from them sitting. I expected the Honda to just purr like a kitten, should it???? I want it for my half acre lot and maybe my kids a few times a year. They do have one with a Briggs but I really wanted the Honda.
  2. bigjoedo

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    I have a Hustler Sport 42 with a Briggs and love it. I would post your question to PJ on the Hustler part of this site. Also, I would ask the dealer to drain and replace the gas with fresh to see if that does solve the problem. Hope this helps

  3. Specop_007

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    Mine does it very badly when cold. Runs fine at WOT and idles pretty decent when warmed up but she doesnt like to be cold.

    My experience. I'd run up to the dealer but my truck is in the shop so cant pull a trailer....
  4. smitty1258

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    mine surges a bit right at first start but not 1000RPM worth, maybe 100-200. when the engine is cold. I run it at WOT for about a minute, then start mowing.

    After that if I run it at idle it just purs like a kitten.
  5. Capemay Eagle

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    Probably cold and not to mention it is a new engine. I think Hustler recommends that you change the oil after the first 5 hours?
  6. Sport42

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    I also have the Briggs (45 hrs.) and have had no problems at all. Runs great and smooth.
  7. lawnstriper23

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    My 2010 Sport 42 Honda purs like a kitten getting belly rubs :rolleyes:
    I too would suggest the dealer remove the old fuel and add new. Not too sure why dealers store these machines with fuel in them....
  8. dunk50

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    Dealer is prepping it for me to pick up. I told him flat out that I would buy it if it did not surge and would not if it did. My biggest concern was that all 4 did the same thing. I am an old gear head and just like my things to run right. 100 to 200 rpms you might not feel. Trying to drive it across a parking lot was like go stop go stop go stop = drastic surging. Thanks for the replies, we'll see what the dealer comes up with.
    And BTW he does have a 48" sport with the Briggs 21. I may have to try it if he can't get the surging taken care of.
  9. rtharris

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    Dunk if u havent looked at the mz 48 bad boy i suggest doing so before ur purchase great mower 26els briggs v twin mows great i own one very good value and one tough mower and no surge at all
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  10. dunk50

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    OK here is where I stand! :clapping::clapping::clapping:Dealer took care of surging. It has none, zip, nada. Picked it up on time, the 45" wide tractor fit on my trailer just fine, got it home, mowed. First i am not stupid. I mowed it as high as it would go. I know my wife is going to tell me it should be shorter soeee I am going to have to mow it again, DAMN. Honda is quiet compared to my WH 16HP Onan. I have only used it for about a 1/2 hour and I am already in love! Thanks to ALL you guys / gals that provide us rookies with input. I do think Hustler should change their add specifications. They list the sport as 49" but as I was told after some research that this measurement is at the widest part of the handles when they are open in brake mode. I almost did not buy because of a couple 48" gates and a 48" trailer I use. Mower is actually 45" chute up with plenty of room. Thanks for clarifying that Pj. Now to mow my sons yard and I do have some neighbors that are on vacation that I can make some points with and, well you get the idea. I will try and get a couple pictures of my lawn, kind of proud of it and the Hustler Sport is going to do just fine!!:drinkup::drinkup::drinkup:
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