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    Curious, what is the MSRP on the Hustler sit down sulky and does it have a standup mode too?
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    The Hustler sulky comes in two different models, a deluxe seat model and a standard seat model.
    Here are the part #'s and prices.......
    Kit WalkBehind Sulky w/907 Seat 345637K $846
    (37"/48" deck requires 1 weight (p/n 304204))
    Kit WalkBehind Sulky w/TrimLine Seat 345629K $964
    (37"/48" deck requires 1 weight (p/n 304204))

    You need the weight on the front of the unit to prevent it from popping wheelies while the seat is attached.
    The weight is part # 304204 and retails for $73.00

    You can not stand on this sulky, you will be way to high in the air.

    The nice thing about this sulky is you can take it off in a few seconds and walk behind the unit.
    Another nice thing is if you still want to run a stand on sulky you can attach that bracket and it will not interfere with the Hustler sulky.


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