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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GrassGuerilla, Oct 16, 2013.

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    Attn. Mods. Please don't move this to the Hustler forum. Thank you.
    Ok Hustler, this is ridiculous. Cant really expect parts supply to last forever. We buy commercial mowers for a reason. In a word, servicibility. Commercial mowers need to be working in order to make money. When I can't get parts like mulching blades for a mulchin mower... WTF? A muffler? NLA.... Ask the dealer for a belt... Gotta call Hustler, it's not in the system.

    This is not acceptable for a nearly $8000 walk behind made in 2005, bought new in 2007.

    I've lost a ridiculous amount of time chasing parts to keep this mower in service. I would expect this from a World Lawn or other Chinese brands. I'm shocked to find myself having to fabricate or source my own parts. I bought this thinking it would be serviceable for a decade +
    542 hours and its getting to hard to find parts for.

    This is a 54" dual hydro walk behind with a 25 hp Kawasaki. The biggest baddest walk behind Hustler had available. What do you think my resale value is? I would feel guilty selling it to someone else. Based on the hours used, and the perceived resale value, this has been the most expensive mower to own of anything I've bought in nearly two decades in the business.

    Make it right, or my next one will be red.
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  2. Ridin' Green

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    Good luck bro. We'll see how long this stays up, here. Sounds like the same type of BS Mickhippy has been going through with his 2011 SZ.
  3. GrassGuerilla

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    The money they charge for these machines it seems they would offer support. Lawnmower business is getting pretty bad. Poor dealers, poor factory support. Why buy top shelf machines if they aren't serviceable in a handful of years?
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  4. ddixon7

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    This is the reason I stick with red mowers. I know Exmark is probably overpriced, and not necessarily better than the others, but I can always rely upon them for parts.

    Sorry to hear about it man. I hope they make it right with you. I thought there was a law that they had to continue making parts available for at least a decade after production ceases? I know that I can get parts from Shindaiwa for my huge fleet of 230 trimmers until 2016.
  5. Ridin' Green

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    Exactly right, and this kind of crap is opening the doors in a huge way for companies like World Lawn to grab a larger share of the market here. We sure don't need that.:nono:
  6. GrassGuerilla

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    The blade issue: it seems they used to use a short shaft spindle in conjunction with a drop blade (the blade bends down rather than straight). For whatever reason, they switched to straight blades and a longer spindle shaft. Use of a straight blade would necessitate dropping the deck lower to achieve similar cut height. And cause the deck edges to constantly hit things.

    I shouldn't have to search and search, pouring through page after page of aftermarket blades trying to find a suitable replacement. My dealer really should be able to sell me mulching blades for my mulching mower, no? With only straight cutting blades available, this machine is USELESS. I have to double or even triple cut to get decent results.

    I think Hustler owes me and any other super walk behind owners a fix for the blade problem they created and then failed to support. The crappy dual exhaust they cobbled together for the Kawasaki engine is a other issue. Of course, turd that it is, I bought it. Now they don't even sell a replacement muffler for it. I had to weld expanded metal on mine to hold the baffle in. After a considerable search, I've located a pair of gravely mufflers that look like they will fit. But it doesn't seem right that I have to do all the leg work to source parts and hope they will fit. I feel like Hustler owes me the factory Kawasaki muffler that would be quieter than the turd they supplied.

    I don't expect something for nothing. But I do feel they should work with me to make it right. Can't believe I have an 800 lb. $8000 door stop.
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  7. GrassGuerilla

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    Surely I'm not the only super walk behind owner left? What are you fellas doing for blades etc?
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  8. herler

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    Sadly I find your problem isn't just present with Hustler.
    I run into this with just about every mower, cars too.

    Not just parts availability but bad reference manuals as well, look up a part, order it and it's the wrong one.
    Two weeks to ship it back, and get the right one if I'm lucky.
    Doesn't always work out that way either, I've waited 3-4 weeks before on one simple part.
    And not just once in a moon but on a fairly regular basis.

    The short cut is to pay for the right part now, and sell the (wrong) one I have on Ebay (correctly re-labeled).
    That bypasses the RMA system but then again I currently have 59 auctions going.
    Granted that's not all wrong parts, the majority of that isn't but some of it certainly is.

    I don't go to the dealer no more, they have no more luck than I do.
    I have my own system I devised over the years, it's not perfect either.
    But at least I only have me to blame.

    My entire basement is dedicated to parts.
    I have so much that selling the overflow, used and wrong parts on Ebay grosses me near 4 thousand a year.
    I sell and buy so much that I ALWAYS have at least one box in transit.

    Matter of fact I sell and buy so much on Ebay that this year I first hit Top Rated Seller and then Powerseller, I now have USPS and UPS and Fedex accounts courtesy of Ebay, I print my own shipping labels (that is sure convenient, especially with RMA's) and even an Ebay credit card, among other things Ebay offers its Powersellers "Health care options" as well.

    I hope one day to hang up the keys to the mower, and dedicate myself full time to buying and selling parts...
    But that dream is likely at least a few years yet.

    What else can you do, I just didn't see the light any other way.
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  9. ddixon7

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    The dealers out there are HORRIBLE. No wonder Husqvarna and Echo are selling in the big box stores... I think a big reason is that it is hard for them to get quality dealers, so they say what the heck.

    It is very hard to find a good dealer, and if you live outside of a big metro area, you are stuck with what little choices you have.
  10. TriCountyLawn

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    I have a 05 hydro walk and its a great machine but the lack of blades for it kill me as the reg blades wont pack the catcher full. I have one set of each type that i have had since i bought the machine. I would love some G6 blades or something to that effect. I do believe that the older deck that these machines have are better then any of the newer versions. At least on the turf in my area.

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