Hustler super walk behind parts NLA

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GrassGuerilla, Oct 16, 2013.

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    I hope you get the part issues settled-could it be more dealer generated than you think?
    It sounds to me like your dealer isn't a 5 star place to begin with.
    On the blade issue-if using a sharp, standard hi-lift blade, why would you need to double and triple cut, especially this time of year?
    anyway, hope you get things worked out.
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    Are you serious? That does not sound like a very educated move on their part! They want to be a dealership but, obviously with them competing with their customers, they don't have your best interests at heart.

    I have learned this over the years -- 80% of businesses suck at WHATEVER they do and 80% of people suck at their jobs -- no matter the level of formal education the job requires. This goes for surgeons, dentists, executives, dealers, teachers, the President of the United States, etc...

    They don't care; too stupid; wrong kind of education; greedy; lazy; think they know; don't listen to their customers; too much pride
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    We have a local Bob Cat dealer here that is the same exact way. They mow, do installs etc. Still, LCO's seem to like them.
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    Finally spoke to a couple guys at Excel. After some research regarding a suitable replacement muffler, he suggested the same Gravely part I had selected as a possible fit. It's rated for 12.5hp and should clear the heat shield judging by the dimensions.

    Another guy also returned my call about the blades. Seems "there was a safety issue with guys using the gator blades while side discharging." This the reason for discontinuing the "gator style" blades. They now offer only a medium and high lift blade.

    So I have a mower made to mulch, that you can't buy mulching blades for.

    Rather than recall their mistake, they've pulled support to let them die (my opinion). Belts are apparently available through excel, but not a shelf item at dealers, and not in their system. Anybody want to buy one? 542 hours. Great machine, just gotta whittle your own parts. I'm done with yellow mowers.
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    Hmmm....Make me a deal! I could use it for open mowing.

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