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    I would love to see one of these in person. I do not like the idea of a kawasaki engine running the thing. But I do have a good 4 days of mowing that this machine could sit on and work.
  2. hustlermidwest

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    That's no problem! Southwest MO, you are in our back yard. US54 to Wichita turn right. I would have no trouble getting a demo set up for you on your grounds.
    Please respond to me on my Hustler email and we can get the ball rolling whenever you like.

    Brian O
  3. Tinkerer

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    Its gonna take a crane to load that on a trailer.
  4. hustlermidwest

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    If I drive fast enough I can go through any opening and up any trailer!!
    Accually, with the wings up it loads very nicely on many standard trailers.(72.5" at deck base)
    You just need the area to justify it's cutting volume.

    Brian O
  5. grassman177

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    our city has some of these mowers right here, both models actually, and they are sweeeeet
  6. a clear difference lawn

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    I rarely post on this site anymore, however, I thought I would chime in. I think there sometimes seems to be confusion between productivity and profitability. I read this thread and heard a lot of "buy 2 72's ot three sixty inch super z's" etc etc. In my opinion, what is being forgotten here is that you have to pay someone to operate these mowers. Around here, its going to cost you $100 a day per employee for someone decent. If you buy 3 super z mowers, that is $300 a day - every day work - extra you are paying to get the grass mowed. That alone is $8000 a month. Plus you have the extra maintenance of 2 more mowers. Another guy suggested pulling mowers. That ruins all the agility you but a z for in the first place. I definitely see an application for this mower in Florida where the land is flat. An lco with one good worker, this mower and a walkbehind (and obviously handhelds) could handle small to medium (maybe even large) hoa communities and make good money. As far as the rear discharge debate that seems to be raging, why not just mulch with this mower - it has an available kit. All the big companies around here are mulching now. You would have to slow down a little, but with a 104" cut you could still blow through some serious grass. This mower, in my opinion, needs to be used on grass that is maintained regularly. Large, upscale communities, I think, would perfectly suit it.
  7. puppypaws

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    Large flat areas where speed can be utilized at 80% efficiency (20% loss due to turn around time) a mower such as this "104" which has an 8.67' cut while traveling at its top rated speed of 11 mph will cut 9.25 acres per hr., whereas the new Super Z HyperDrive cutting at a width of 6', but running a top speed of 16 mph (and yes it will cut grass at that speed) will cut 9.31 acres per hr.

    This tells you that one 72" Super Z (due to speed) is capable of cutting as much as this 104" mower. Most people do not realize speed makes this type difference. The 72" Super Z is also much more maneuverable than the 104", which also add additional productivity to the equation.
  8. a clear difference lawn

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    Funny how I got blasted on this site a year ago for saying I could cut dry grass at 11 mph and now the guru says that a hustler will cut at 16 mph! I get it that you are the "know all" genius on this site but i am going to have to call you on that one. No way is a 72" going to cut grass around here in the dead of summer at 16mph. I hope all the Florida guys back me up on this. Quite frankly, I rarely see anyone cutting thick St. Augustine at over 10mph around here and we want to get done just as much as evryone else in the country. It is just too much grass to handle at that speed - and still look good. When the bahia gets thick - it is even worse. I said in my original post that if you mulch you would have to slow down anyway. There are a lot of really open communities around here were I think this mower could work well. Obviously a 72" would do the job too. But remember - if you are cutting grass at 40mph you must be side dischrging so you will have a lot more blowing to do vs mulching.

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    I and a few others in my area could use this machine. I am just concerned about the use of a kawasaki engine running the thing.
  10. TLS

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    They do offer a big Kohler as well IIRC.

    Not that this matters, but I think your thinking that a big diesel is something this size mower needs.
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