Hustler Super Z 60 or 66 or 72 ?s

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by REALSLOW, Jun 18, 2006.


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    How do they compare ? 1 does the 72 scalp alot more than the 66 or 60. ? 2 I like the way you can get a 60 to run on a 25 HP motor,just how much more power do you need for the 66 then 72 compared to a 60?. I know water cooling makes a engine last way longer but is it worth the hassesl of the maintenance it requires? 3 How good is the 66 so far if I get a 72 I have to buy a new trailor. THANKS!!!
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    1. Yes, the 72" is more prone to scalping because the deck hangs past the frame farther than the 66 or 60".
    2. My engine choice would be the 28 EFI for a 66 or 72" deck.
    3. I've read great things about the 66" so far, but you'll have to figure out what deck size you need.

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