Hustler Super Z Burning Grass

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  1. chevybogger

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    I know this may be an old topic but it is my first post and first issue with my hustler. I have a 2008 Hustler Super Z 66 w/ the Kohler Command Pro 30 hp engine. I just planted some new bermuda turf grass and mowed it the first time with the hustler. I noticed that in the 3 or 4 places that I stopped for less than 1 minute I left a burned / now dead spot on the grass. I have read that there are heat shields available? Is this a recall that hustler fixes on their dime? If not is there a place online for me to buy it since the closest hustler dealer is quite a ways from where I am located? Also does anyone have a pic of what it looks like mounted on the mower? Good, bads?
    THANKS for your time!
  2. chevybogger

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    Anyone have this on their mower?
  3. hustlermidwest

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    I checked with the engineers and there was nothing built for the Super Z back then in the way of a shield. There is a heat shield for our new X1 that I can send you a drawing, just shoot me a email and I'll try to copy and paste it.

    Brian O
  4. Turning tall grass short

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    I had a exmark turf tracer that would burn the grass everytime I emptied the bag. It didn't matter where the idle was. The flywheel pushed air across the header and the in-between the deck and engine section. It was maybe 3 inches wide but boy did it do a number. I took a piece of sheet metal and riveted it to the unit under the manifold. no more burnt grass! cost $1.50 with no engineering degree.

    How bout them Blackhawks!

  5. Sharpcut 1

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    Is your scalp wheel melting??
  6. BonesMalone

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    I have a 2010 Super Z with Kohler 30 HP engine and it will burn grass in less than 1 min. It does not help if you lower the rpm. Nobody seems to know about a heat shield available. If you get off the mower to open a gate next week that spot will look like you spill 2 gals of gas on the grass.
  7. Sharpcut 1

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    It's from the drainhole in the bottom of the muffler. Take a piece of sheet metal and zip screw it to the engind deck under the muffler. Problem gone.
  8. jcbahr

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    I ordered and installed a heat shield on my Super Z a few years back and it stopped round burn spots on customer's lawns.

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