hustler super Z not starting

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rvsmith7, May 1, 2013.

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    One must understand, that while I am giving info out ther for others to read and inform me. I am also continue to work on it on my end, that is why it seems so confusing , MY apoligies for that. I do beleive I still may have more than one issue here. I have ordered a new solenoid at this point and will update when installed. You are correct when info is jumping around it can be confusing and at the same time it is the process one has to go thru to figure out the problem.
    thank you all for your input and ideas
    will update again later
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    Hi Rob!!

    OP had me confused also, so that is why I posted both scenearios, first I read solenoid on starter, then not, then voltage at starter, but remote solenoid.

    original Poster:
    there is a Kawi starter that came out a couple years ago, that is a little shorter than the original, that reqires new shorter bolts to be used because of the difference in the thickness of the flange. Wrong bolts will make new starter fail prematurely. Also, Kawi starter will fit through hole in bottom of frame on Super Z, not easy, but it will
  3. rvsmith7

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    thanks for the info. I do have new solenoid on order, just waiting for it to show up.I ended up unbolting motor to remove starter, much easier to get at, Also I am also grounding motor to frame besides bolting it down so I have no grounding issues to be on the safe side. will update when I have part and installed to see if any other issues linger. I just know I had a few other things going on last year with it not starting properly all the time, so want to make sure they are not all related to same issue.
    thanks again for all the input and advise I have received.
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    Everything needs to be up to spec., instead it seems you have been dicking around that engine for so long it's not even bolted down but you have worked around it, and you have a splice for this, a cover-up for that, a work-around for this problem too and a bypass for the other...

    And you're wondering why it's not working.

    Son, you need to have everything the way it's supposed to be.
    Yes, it sucks to have to bolt engines all the way back in just to be sure the starter is working...
    Especially knowing that if it doesn't work, the whole thing may have to come apart yet again.

    Yes, I have seen engines that weren't bolted in but wire-grounded like yours, fail to start.
    And the operator (myself in this case) fussing and cussing about why it wouldn't work.
    It took weeks before I bowed down and relented and bolted it back in, and would you know what happened, it started!
    So that's how it needs to be, 100 percent right, not all taped and spliced and buttered to run.

    Best thing I can tell you is double and triple check everything before you put it all back together.
    But it needs to be all in exactly the way it's supposed to be, like it came when it was new from the factory.
    Once it's all back in order, then we can start all over.
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  5. rvsmith7

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    I received my new solenoid and installed on mower, and at this point all seems fine. starts right up,no more starting issues . will let you know if anythinf else comes up.
    thanks again for everybodys thoughts and help.
  6. rvsmith7

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    I am guessing the problems I was having last year were all related to a possible defective solenoid all along and it gave out all together??? My thinking was that a 1 year old solenoid could not be bad, So much for that thinking( ha ha) thanks again.

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