Hustler Super Z or make the jump to Walker?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by trdtundra00, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. trdtundra00

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    Hey guys, i need some advice on what to do. My dealer has 2 60 inch super z's one has a kohler 27 and the other has the 30, the 27 is 7600 plus tax and the 30 is 7900 plus tax. but here is where im struggling with the decision, i demoed a walker because they just began carrying walker and i am wanting to move into high end residential service with year round contracts and i hear that the walker is ticket for these yards. He has a 20hp 48 inch mt walker for 8900 plus tax. i need another mower and already have 52 inch huslter mini z with collection system but i have also been bidding on larger commercial properties such as churches, schools, condos, and industrial properties. so should i get the super z or go ahead and make the leap into the world of walker? Any advice will be helpful. Thanks Zack
  2. Jason'sLawnCare

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    If you want to get into high end residentials then I would suggest getting a Walker. Just look at ChestnutOaks on here. With his combination of high end residential and Walker mowers. Also you said you have baggers on other mowers. If you bag often you'll definitely find the Walker very useful.
  3. kaferhaus

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    did you actually take it to a customers lawn and use it? or did you cut run it around at the dealer?

    I used one for a day last year and while it's a fine mower it didn't cut one bit better than our bobcat's do. The only advantage I saw was weight. they're lighter, have smallish engines yet are much more expensive....

    The do have some nice features but I didn't find them really worth the extra cost so I passed on it.

    The grass collectors look cool... but you still have to dump it on the ground and pick it up unless your customers all have spots for you to dump it.. the baggers can be easily emptied into trash bags or trash cans if you have to remove the clippings from the property.

    I guess the biggest issue was what you get for the money... still can't get that unit through a gate but it's priced higher than much larger mowers that will give you more productivity.

    I know they're good mowers.... but all of the "brands" are, all cut about the same, use the same motors and drives....
  4. Turf Dawg

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    I have a Hustler super-z and a Walker MT. To me you are trying to compair apples to oranges here. I would say that a Walker is kinda like a walkbehind for me. I use it on properties that are that size that need a great cut and manuverability. I use the mid mount for open areas where speed and ride comfort is what I need. Everyones needs are different but what it sounds like to me is you need to get the Walker for collection and just use your mini z for the large open areas.
  5. trdtundra00

    trdtundra00 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the response guys, i do mostly residential yards, i have around 55; tho some of them are large and could use a 60 inch cut, i think my 52 hustler will be fine for now. i was just kinda looking ahead at what i want my company to become in the next few years and im really leaning hard towards high end residential like chesnut oaks, i admire their work everytime i see it and thats the kind of service i would like to be able to perform.
  6. cod8825

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    We operate here in Kansas City although we do mostly Commercials we have about 15% residentials and we use Hustler Super Z's with the 66" cuts. Personally I think Walkers are fine mowers we have GHS 48" that we use for clean ups only. You can gut greats cuts with the Z's as long as you mow at the right height and mow in two different directions are yards look awesome with the Z's I would go with them personally.

  7. johnnyusa

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    Walkers. Mow once , less trim and blow,and customers will love ya and your done! Good Luck
  8. Tommy Boy

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    You just answered your question, highend = Walker you will never be dissapointed with your choice. I know a guy running a walker with 3000+ hours and it cuts as good today as the day he bought it. We have three decks and run the muchling decks mostly. We go to the bagging machine in the fall and on yards that require bagging. You will be very happy with the choice.

    Based on some dealer and distrubutor issues, we will never buy Hustler products again.
  9. puppypaws

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    You said it all in this post.

    Walkers = small manicured lawns where time is of no essence

    Super Z = large lawns for more speed and productivity
  10. lifetree

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    No you don't, the Walkers have a "dump from the seat" control option that will let the operator dump the clippings into a truck bed from a raised position ... it's very nice !! However, I do agree with you that Walkers are too expensive, other less expensive brands can do the same job !!

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