Hustler Super Z - problems with model

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by greenology, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. TLS

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    Maybe the OP'ers sticks are in the high position?

    You have to ride a ZTR like a horse.

    But, I still question how these other (lesser) mowers supposedly rode better.

    The Flex-Forks are smoother riding then the effects of smaller, lighter and more flexing caster arms of lesser ZTR's.

    So that only leaves the rear tires as the variable. It's either pressure or sidewall stiffness.

    But that being said, I didn't notice any difference between my 2006 and the 2012 demo.
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  2. greenology

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    Green... If you look at the my vid again in post 26, thats about as rough as it gets, the vid doesn't give it justice believe me. 1.5hrs or so and it really starts to hurt, I make it last job of the day. Always makes me want to take a pizz. re needing the kidney belt.
    I dont think Im doing more than 5 or 6mph for the most part, a fast walk.
    At or near the start of the vid theres a small bare area that gives an idea of the ant nests. Its like that all over the place, you just cant see them under the grass. Some of those nests are 4 or 5" high. There kind of different to your problems though. Ruts make both front wheels hit at the same time where as these nests every wheel is doing something different.

    Ive watched your vids again and even though the prop your doing leaning forward may be smoother, there are definitely some dips or rough spots in it. Your head/body is staying fairly still until you hit a rough spot and then you push/pull/jerk the sticks. watch around the 5 sec,14 sec, 24sec, 27sec in the leaning forward vid you can see your hands move.

    In the other vid of you and ya miss's, its the sitting back in the chair thats flinging you forward and again, jerking the sticks. Like Ive said, you have to sit forward, let the machine rock underneath you. Watch these guys heads/upper body. Especially the second guy. It barely moves. or better yet...
    Basically, thats what you need to achieve.
    You shouldnt need to lean fully forward all the time, just over the areas you know are rough. Granted, the flex forks may be making it worse for you but Id rather have them, slow down on the bad props than get beat to death on every lawn. But thats me!

    The only jerking I get is going up steep rough slopes but even then its rare now. I have the drive pretty much down pat, I have a 150hrs on this SZ. It still happens, just not often. I have to drive up a fairly steep, rough track just to load up the mower so is something I learnt pretty quickly. The only other time it happens is if I forget about a bad rut or hole. Not often as I know my properties pretty well.

    I just watch a few vids I havent published and while I was going pretty slow (very long grass) I noticed when I did get rocked, there was no jerking of the sticks and Im able to nullify the body rock with my legs. I hold the sticks very low at the first bend. Thats less leverage on the sticks. Higher up is more responsive if that makes sense or need a lighter touch the higher up the sticks you hold them.[/QUOTE]

    If im doing 5 -6 MPH or even KPH I am definately getting the same jerkyness over all the bumps, the smaller the bump the less the jerk, buts its still there and it only takes a bunch of small jerks to make for a very uncomfortable ride. As I say I get this jerking on all the properties I have mown so far. I can minimise the effects dramatically by not leaning on the back rest & being completely honest with you, yesturday I spend atleast 3 hrs mowing on the machine, 80-90 % of the time I was leaning forward, still get the bad jerking.

    Regarding the levers, I have tried using fingers, tried using no hands, even tried backing off on the levers while the machine is jerking away. I know in those videos i am moving levers slightly, but I have trialled those things above so as far as I can tell you I have rulled out that any input from my hands is causing the jerks. Gee it would be so great if you were in sydney, if I could just see the way you use it going over ruts like that! The difficult thing with your video of the ants nest is i cant see you or the mower, just the camera shaking, the camera would shake just that much on my old dixon.

    I have a background on racing BMX bikes over jumps as a teenager and whoops like in that video, also have owned a half a dozen dirt bikes, including a motorcross bike (yz426F, miss it a lot) which I used to ride to its limit over jumps etc, so I have had a lot of experiance in predicting rough terrain ahead etc as I did all this when younger, best time for learning. I would say Im reasonably althetic, so im not sure if your point was that I dont know how to allow for ruts and expect up coming ruts/rough terrain. I guess if your going by those videos then I can see why youd think that. But i was relaxing my whole body and just letting the mower do its thing, hense why its so dramatic! If my wife wasnt back at work now I would have her out with me doign some more footage of me, its just a difficult thing, have tried with my mobile phone resting in a tree but from a distance its not clear video.

    You know the first thing that ever came to my mind when I started realising this jerking was an issue, was the hyrdaulics... so I had trialled all these things without hands on levers etc before even coming on this forum. When I first started using my new dixon, the hydros where very sensitive and if didnt take off very smooth on a driveway it would jerk madly, but i got the hang of that very very quickly. I guess another reason why my first thought on hustler was hydros. but so far with all my trying I havent managed to stop jerking, and i have tried and am still going to try.
  3. Realslowww

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    I noticed a difference immedietely in ride of the chasses itself but the flex forks really did work on the newer designed Super, the mower is superior but I do not like the added 200 pounds.

    I would want to demo the newer unit on steep slopes because the weight would make it slide to the bottom more easily. I cut some really steep stuff.

    His complaint is very valid, I had a guy tell me his new super was doing the same thing 3 months ago and it pissed him off good so if you all find a cure I will pass it along to him.

    He claimed his old XR7 60 did not have the deck jump but the new one did, hopefully it is just the 60 and not the 72.
  4. greenology

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    i have cut some steep slopes on the hustler, same slopes as I did with the dixon, in the areas the dixon would stay on the slope and only slide downwards a little, the hustler slides down completely. this is on quite steep slope & would be simply the heavier weight. But its not much of an issue as this one is very steep, other slopes im on its slides slightly, whereby the old one wouldnt slide at all, but not enough to bother me so the handling on slopes is good considering its extra weight. But best to try for yourself off coarse.

    I have used the 72" super z on the same ground as my 60", the 60" deck bounced around 10-15 times as opposed to only ever noticing 1 very slight bounce on the 72" over a decent sized rut. I put this down to the 72" deck being so much heavier. Also noticed that mower a little smoother, but it has a longer wheel base so hard to compare the two, plus was only for 2-3 mins use.
  5. Realslowww

    Realslowww LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks for the input,these mowers really should have bigger tires. I have found on a big heavy Z a 72 is just a better mower and in the 48 to 60 range you are better off with a lighter duty Z, you have the finest quality Z made but it may be over made for you.

    Do not let these guy's kid you. You start adding weight to a machine that is moving at a decent clip and you will turn it into a big fat pig quick! :laugh:

    Good luck and I hope you solve your problem, may the force be with you :)
  6. puppypaws

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    My 72 rides and operates I would say better than any ZTR made today, but yes, I have areas that if I hit them running very fast will make the deck jump, but it has a right to, the mower virtually goes airborne as fast as I mow.

    I would think the 72 you tried would have jumped more, if weighing more...well that's according to the physics class I got from "Realslowww."
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  7. hustlermidwest

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    I just came across your talks and I hope you don't mind I jump in. I saw the video of the jumping around you are having. I see the flex forks working as well as they can to keep up with the washboard type lawn. Yes the machine goes in excess of 15MPH but that is just for transport only. It is meant to go from point "A" to point "B" at 15MPH to cut down on transporting it to each job, not mow at that speed. With the limitations on blade tip speed no mower can mow that fast. What is your rear tire pressure at? 14lbs will really get you a hard ride. You can go down as low as 8lbs but me mindful of slopes and curbs. The flex forks are shown at dealers with the same thought of car dealers. When you go test drive a new car is it the stripped down version or does it have the options available being shown. I also noticed your arms are not on the armrests. Lower your hands down on the steering arms and that will allow you to use the arm rest, this will help with the jerking forward and backward. Think of the deck springs as a counter weight for the deck. The closer you bring the two set nuts together the lighter the deck becomes, the further you spread them the heavier it becomes. Any chance of seeing a side by side with another mower video?

    Brian O
  8. Realslowww

    Realslowww LawnSite Bronze Member
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    What I said was added weight would beat the sh it out of the operator all things being equal and hitting rough terrain going fast and for a machine with no real suspension 15 is pretty quick :) The Pupster :laugh:. I am just jealouse you have the mower I want but I cannot justify it at the momment.
  9. puppypaws

    puppypaws LawnSite Fanatic
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    Oh my gosh!
  10. Realslowww

    Realslowww LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Oh yaa they can mow that fast,when these companies started putting 15 MPH hydro's on these Z's they really opened a new can of worms. You have to have a platform that can ride at that speed comfortably and mow. He feels he does not have that but for me I do where I cut.
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