Hustler Super Z - problems with model

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by greenology, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Sweet! Why cant we all just get along? :laugh:
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    Nope. This is lifted directly from post #11 in your thread Super Z productivity-

    When the 72" deck passed over this grass it was cutting at full speed, do you see any stragglers or uncut grass, and you are getting a very close look?

    Your picture above was located here

    I am not the one who keeps cheap shotting the other guy here. You are. I have not done that one time to you, but you certainly have, and anyone who has been reading this can see that. I wanted to let this drop since it is pointless it seems, and I don't know why you want to keep agitating when it appears that we are saying something similar, and I have already said that on this site somewhere too. Limp northern grass- no way. Stiff southern grass, under ideal conditions.

    BTW, I do know a little about southern grasses. I used to live in Orlando for several years.
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    I can if you give me 3.5 million (like they did with Rodney King in LA several years ago after he received the arse beating he deserved for punching a cop in the face):laugh:
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    Ok, I'm going to take a shower, I'll throw you something a little different tomorrow in an attempt to get another bite.
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    Throw away, I've got my glove all oiled and ready to go. :laugh:
  7. greenology

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    Dont see the point in discussing the issue itself anymore, seems im the only one who has the issue & as much as I wish I didnt have an issue, I do.

    I havnt got time for taking videos and any more in depth discussions. Im really busy this time of yr, I just dont have time.

    I have put the rigid forks on this afternoon, lowered the rear tyres to 8 psi. Will be cutting with it the next 3 days, if I find no serious neck jerking etc than I may well be happy ( so far 3 lawns cut with rigid forks, no real complaints with jerking ). Then I will buy some smaller springs for the deck in the hope of preventing the deck lifting problem.

    That deck lifting your getting in your video Mick, i get that often on most of my lawns at LOW speeds, 5-6 kph!! Not acceptable for the quality of cut my clients are after.

    If I get any more jerking of the neck with these rigid forks, then fair trading will be my next step.

    Mick, there is no point trying to demonstrate a way of riding the mower (like going over whoops with a motorbike) Ive spent yrs on motorcross bikes, trail bikes, bmx bikes, so if there was ANY WAY whatsoever of avoiding this jerking I would be avoiding it. Even the NSW Rep was getting this same jerking ( I could see it ), he blamed my lawn (5 mins jerking is fine, try 5 hrs each day!). Well im sorry but my ******* lawns have undulations in them, so if the super z is no good for undulations, then they should bloody advertise that so ppl are not misled & can make an informed decision.

    Its got nothing to do with a drought, Ive been through worse than this little dry spell we're having. Besides as i have mentioned, while the super z was in for servicing, I took my previous zero turn out to cut these lawns, it was like sitting on a massage chair that bumps up and down, so relaxing!
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    So, you haven't tried 8psi in the rears yet? :confused:
  9. Michael J. Donovan

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    ok, I think we can put this one to rest now...some great discussion and input on this issue, but I believe it has run its course

    thanks all :waving:
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