Hustler Super Z Right tire motor goes out

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    2006 Hustler Super Z 72 Cat Motor

    When I fire it up in the morning it runs cherry for about a half hour or until it gets hot. Then i lose all power in my right driving tire. Does this mean that tires motor is going out? I have had trouble with lines leaking and just replaced a line on that tire. Is there a special thing you have to do to bleed the air out of that line could that be causing this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Having a leaking system is not good. Are you getting any whining sound coming from the drive. It may sound like a power steering pump on your truck low on oil. These systems are self bleeding but if you get air in the system it will whine. Your drive can also over heat if your oil is low giving you some issues. Bringing the unit into your servicing dealer will answer all your questions. They can do all the pressure and flow tests to pinpoint the trouble. Without test results we are just guessing.

    Brian O

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