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    I am looking into adding a Super Z to my business. I am curious to how people feel about the 25 Kaw. vs 28 Kohler EFI? I currently use JD757 with the 25 Kaw. and have had no issues. The 2 local dealers I have talked with both supported the opposite engine. Also is there much difference in the new decks, as one of the dealers has a 60" demo from last year? I am also curious to what promotions will be / or are running through march? I will be ready to purchase in early March and am leaning toward the new 66"deck. Thanks for your help.
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    The new 66" would be a excellent choice, go with as much hp as you can get / afford, you can never have to much hp.
    As far as old deck vs new deck... you can not get the 66" in the older version.
    The new XR-7 is awesome and allows use of a striping roller also, you can not do this on the older version deck.
    There is some great reading here on the XR-7, do a search and you will find plenty of information.


    As far as promotions go, look here on LS, by the end of the week I think you will have more information.
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    The XR-7 is by far the best cutting deck Hustler has ever put under a mower.

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