Hustler SuperZ vs John Deere Z series

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by jl8806, Feb 25, 2013.

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    Iv browsed the site for a long time now but I finally signed up today... Im needing a new mower this year and i need some help, iv had dixie choppers for years and they have been great but there all getting some age and wear so a new mower is needed in a bad kind of way. i demoed a 31hp 60" hustler super z last year when i had a mower down and i was beyond impressed, it was night and day difference from what i had been use to, i actually enjoyed mowing again! With that being said, i really like the looks of the new deeres. i plan on demoing one asap but they have so many different models i don't know where to start. My requirements are a 60" deck and at least 30hp but then not so much hp the fuel usage is terrible. From looking on JD's site im thinking the z960r is what i would want but the biggest the local dealer has is the z950r's. so before i keep rambling what is everyone's opinion? i want the best of the best in a 60" mower and its really going to be hard to top the hustler but i want to try a deere... EFI is also something in consideration but im not sure if the superZ had efi available? and with the deere its the M i think but i dont want to sacrifice productivity for a little fuel savings so im just lost right now on what to buy with so many combos out there! Thanks guys

    And i have searched and read, im about to go back to reading more while i wait for replies on this im just wanting opinions on my exact situation...
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    if i were gonna get a 60" i would get a scag cheetah. It comes with a 61" velocity plus deck.

    the deeres are good too but they will not go as fast as a super z or a cheetah. Most times cutting you will not use or need that extra speed though so basically all it is for is transport speed.

    the super z is nice but some people have had cut quality issues with them. It depends how high you cut the grass and what conditions etc. the hydros/pumps on the super z will outlast any other brand because they are industrial grade.

    the reason i would pick a cheetah over the deere is it's 61" instead of 60", it holds 15 gallons of gas compared to 11.5 gallons, and you might as well have the speed there if you ever need it. that doesn't mean the deere is a bad choice by any means. i'm very happy with mine. Using the oregon G6 blades makes the cut even better and puts less drag on the engine.

    i chose my deere because a 54" deck is bigger than a 52" deck, it holds 11.5 gallons compared to 7-8 on the scag wildcat or tiger cat.

    if the super z cuts fine for you then it would probably be the one to buy. you just here of cut quality issues with them but you never hear of bad cut quality issues with a deere or a scag.
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  3. jl8806

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    i really want to keep it between the deere and hustler, the speed on the deeres are advertised at 13mph and the super z at 15, the hustler was really fast but i think there deere would be plenty fast enough if it will do whats advertised... the cut quality of the super z is one thing that scares me since i didnt run it for very long, Thanks for the response, keep em coming
  4. weeze

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    you really can't go wrong with either one. it's personal preference. unless you cut northern grasses in which case the deere will do a much better job. here in the south it doesn't matter since we cut the grass short.
  5. dathorpe

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    I ran a demo on a Cheetah today. I was blown away. I have never been on a mower that was anything like it. Incredible speed, incredible cut, incredible comfort. The drive system was amazing and very responsive. This thing was powered by a 34 hp Kohler and it cut through 10" super thick grass with ease. From a dead stop, I would thrust the handles forward and the front wheels would come up off the ground. An extremely impressive machine in deed.
  6. weeze

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    yeah i'm not gonna buy another mower for a long time but when i do the cheetah is on the top of my list.
  7. jl8806

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    I finally figured out the only difference between the z950r and the z960r is the 50 is 27hp and the 60 is 31hp, i may go on and try the 60 but i think i would be more satisfied with 31hp, anybody that owns or has run these please chime in! Thanks
  8. Ridin' Green

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    I have a z950A (2012) and it has the FX850v which is the one rated at 27 hp under the newer more accurate system, whereas it was rated at 31 hp under the old system until last year. I have alss ran the Z960 which has the FX921V which is now rated at 31 Hp whereas it used to be the 34 HP in the lineup under the old rating. The 27 is more than enough with the 60"deck. I have the MOD and mine will run that deck through any turf grass with ease, even when mulching. If you plan on doing any tall field type grass cutting then more HP may be in order, but even then, I wouldn't feel undergunned with mine.

    Until Hustler gets their crap together and figures out how to build a deck that cuts great in all conditions, especially northern turf grasses, I won't be buying one. Who cares what the hydro's are like now? They'll out last the rest of the mower anyway, and be more expensive to repair or replace if needed. In spite of what some claim on here, I still can't see that they are built any better than many other top of the line machines anywhere outside of the hydro's. The deck may have all that extra bracing under it, but if it doesn't cut worth spit while you're trying to make a living, it isn't much good now is it? The 7 Iron and others like it are built more than stout enough for any commercial mowing, and I've yet to see or even read about anyone destroying one because they weren't paying attention and hit something with it.
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  9. weeze

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    yeah mine is a 54" deck with 26hp kawi under old system which is now 23.5hp under the new system. it's plenty of power. mine used to bog down if i tried to cut 1ft tall thick wet grass until i switched to the G6 blades. now it will not bog down no matter what i cut. for normal cutting it never did bog down at all no matter what blades i used.
  10. GMLC

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    Keep in mind the new Hustler Hyper-Drive is just that, new. It has not be proven. In fact it was developed because of past hydro issues. A 5000 hour hydro warranty was also added because of lost confidence in Hustler Hydro systems. Im not saying this new hydro system isnt the best, because it looks to be, but only time will tell.

    Hustler's deck has been hit or miss. There has been no rhyme or reason for the cut quality problems. In fact one LS member demoed one and it left two strips of grass right down the middle. He bought one anyway and his new mower doesnt do it!?
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