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I've got a 24/54 Trimstar, 930412, don't have the serial # handy. Anyhow my question is in regards to the pullbar pins that go in the pullbar and tie it to the deck. I have broken 3 of these this season (2 from the Trimstar and one I robbed from my Mini Z) All of them have broken at the tab in between the bolt that holds them to the deck and the pin, which allows the pin to slide out, or at least pop out of one of the deck holes. Although one is broken but appears to be rusted in the pullbar well enough to keep it from moving. I also had this issue with my Mini Z, although not this bad.

The dealer has one new one on hand for me I believe and I haven't contacted them about the other one. Is there any reason a grade 8 bolt or similar could not be inserted through the pullbar in lieu of using these pins? I intend to take the mower to the dealer at some point and have these fixed along with a couple of other small issues, but I was hoping to wait until the season was over. Thanks


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There is a update kit # 116335 to help with that issue. Then their is an optional gusset kit available to make it even stronger, part # 116699.
Your dealer should be able to look up the update kit. Don't blame your dealer for not knowing this, fairly new and dealers just don't have the time to study every SB that comes by. I even had to ask for help on this one!

Brian O

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