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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by southerlawn, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. southerlawn

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    So I have invested a little over $5100 in a 2012 trimstar 48 was "purchased" new with 0 hours ( purchase because over the last 9 months lot deployment I have been paying on it). I do not have to commit to a buy with the trimstar, but was wanting to know if there is another walk behind that would cost about the same with the same size deck (+$1000 more at the most). The only reason I ask is because I have not been able to find a lot of feed back on this particular model, but by all means if you have had any experience with this walk behind feel free to let me know about it. I'm not particularly interested in commits from the to the bone brand loyal guys I just want some honest feed back on mowers in this price range and or this mower in particular.
  2. Joel D

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    I had a 2011 Trimstar 48 inch that I sold. It was a great machine, I just wanted a zero turn. I'm not brand loyal. I now have a Toro. Anyway, it's super easy to use and pulled my 260lbs easy on a jungle wheels. It leaves a great cut and stripe, but could discharge clippings better IMO. The hinges on the deck broke on me once within 130 hours, but they was a cheap and easy fix. That may have actually been my fault too. If you got to my website you and go to the picture section you will see how well it cut. Hope that helps.
  3. doobs41378

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    Snapper Pro hydro 48" and 52" are around that price as well. From all reviews here this seems to be a solid machine.
  4. KV9064

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    I am also looking at a Hustler Trmstar 48", not much information out there on these mowers, I love the deck height adjustment, and also like the ease of operation of the controls. I think the mower would cut down on mowing time per lawn the way you can control the forward and reverse speeds. BUT i'm a little leary of the durability of the mower, I also looked at the Snapper Pro SW20 48" its the only other mower in the same price range as the Trimstar ($4800). I like the deck height adjustment but not sure about the controls. I do think the Snapper is a heavier built mower but once again its just my opinion cant find anyone that has truly tested both.
  5. Joel D

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    KV, Trust me when I say that the Trimstar is solid. I'm guilty of not being the easiest operator on my equipment. I took everything I threw at.
  6. Spiffygreencutclean

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    This starting out as my 3rd year in business a 2011 48 trimstar was my first mower. Very easy to operate and very tough. I have the striping sulky which I dont think Hustler produces anymore. The machines stripes great with this and pulls my 235lbs easily. The biggest problem with my trimstar is high wet grass to which it will clump up easily so you might have to go over some areas 2 or 3 times. Normal conditions the machine cuts great. The other problem is that I will pop a couple of belts each year, you have to keep deck area clean of debri at all times when in wet or high grass conditions. I have some commercial accounts that I have landed because of the abilty of this machine to handle very steep slopes with its wide base. I also have a 36 trimstar which is great for residential
    Overall I love my trimstar and will probably purchase another 48 or the 54 here in a year or so.
  7. KV9064

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    Thanks this is what we need to hear. If I get one I'd like to put a Proslide sulky on it
  8. SDLandscapes VT

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    So I have a different take on the trimstar

    The trimstar is actually a Z fram with walkbehind handles--hustler took the old mini-z and converted it into a walkbehind. Pros--very rugged and the simplicity in the design helps with the lower price point. Cons--head to head on steep hills the trimstar slid far more that both a bobcat hydro (pistol) and an exmark turf tracer--we have some "mountain goat" properties and the trimstar was too wide and slide all over the place. Controls are nice. I owned a mini-Z 52" from 2003 to 2012 and we loved the machine for ruggedness and ease of maintenance, but that deck had to be the worst cut in the green industry and we did everything to make it better--this is the same deck on the trimstar and the cut quality was just not there (we mow northern new england grasses which may be the same species as you cut in the midwest or midatlantic but they cut differently here and in fact are the hardest to get a good quality cut in one pass.)

    bottom line is the trimstar DIDN'T WORK FOR US but it is a well built machine and you need to demo to verify that it will work on your slopes and will cut at a level that is satisfactory for your company. we have a fleet of turf tracers and we love them

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