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    I have been cutting approximately 2 acres with an Encore Z-52 for the past five years. My only major problem, until now, has been a deck overhaul that ran about $600. I am now having problems with my hydrolic drive and I am considering selling this unit and purchasing a new one. We have a brand new Hustler dealer in our area who recommends the Hustler Fastrac mower for my usage (abouth 100 hours per cutting season). My question(s) is/are, should I repair the Encore and hope that nothing else goes wrong, or should I invest in the Hustler? If so, what benifits does the Hustler have over the Encore? and, if I go with the Hustler, should I go with the Fastrak 20/52, the Mini-Z 23/52 or the Mini-Z 24/52? Thanks!
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    We sell both products. I would suggest that you buy a Mini Z over a fastrac. The hours that you are using the Encore machine suggest you do a lot of mowing. The commercialduty pumps are the best way for you. The mini Is much better on hills and much lower center of gavity then the Encore.The frame is life time warrenty, Spindles three years. The front of the deck has a life time warrenty. You will not be disapointed with the mini z. As for the power plant it is up to what you like best. Both power plants have been trouble free.
    My suggestion is a least drive the mini and then you will feel the the HUSTLER diffence. It is like no other machine!!!

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